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Longest Running Thread EVER

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


HIP # V RA Dec pi sigma(pi) HD # Spec Type

70890 11.01 217.4489475 -62.68135207 772.33 2.42 M5Ve 15.44901452

71683 -0.01 219.9204103 -60.83514707 742.12 1.4 128620 G2V 4.34237068

71681 1.35 219.9141283 -60.83947139 742.12 1.4 128621 K1V 5.70237068

87937 9.54 269.4540231 4.66828815 549.01 1.58 sdM4 13.23790128

54035 7.49 165.8358841 35.98146424 392.4 0.91 95735 M2V 10.45864499

32349 -1.44 101.2885411 -16.71314306 379.21 1.58 48915 A0m... 1.454398907


Tab-separated (so the forum software suppresses the tabs and you lose the spacing). First column is HIP (Hipparcos number). Second column is apparent V magnitude. Third column is right ascension in degrees, fourth column is declination in degrees; both are for the epoch of the Hipparcos catalog, which is 1992 or so. Then comes the parallax in milli-arc-seconds, and then its standard deviation in the same units. The next column, if there's data in it, is the HD number of the star (HD being a long-standing nearly comprehensive catalog of spectral types of stars down to about 9th magnitude or a little fainter). Then comes the spectral type of the star, taken from a variety of sources (those are sort of "use at own risk" data. The last column is the absolute visual magnitude computed from the V magnitude and the parallax.


Yes, I sorted things in decreasing order of parallax, which is equivalent to increasing distance. The distance in parsecs is 1000/(parallax in arc seconds). Multiply by 3.26 to get light-years.


Those first six stars are, respectively, Proxima Centauri, alpha Centauri A, alpha Centauri B, then two nameless M dwarfs, then Sirius A.


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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


, as you can see, is not going to work either because HTML is turned off in posts.


If anything, you could use the CODE tag along with a character spaced file and a monospaced font. That's probably the best you'll get.

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Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


*Pokes his head in*


I found a kinda fun idle RPG game that I wanted to share: s2.sfgame.us/index.php?rec=59008


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