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The cranky thread


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I'm sorry to hear that too Lemming.  Good luck and God Bless.



Last Friday my mom fell, hit her head on the washing machine.   There were two small intra-cranial bleeds, but they seem to have worked out okay.   She is in a rehabilitation facility, but not the kind she really needs.   No matter what she CLAIMS, I found out what the Blood Alcohol Content was when she got to the ER.   I forget, what is generally considered lethal?   She was getting into that territory.


Two days later my dad was trying to help a friend.    He discovered that after having a lathe for 27 years, he has forgotten how to set it for threading.   Hopefully it is only a temporary thing, but the "BIG A" has its hooks into him. 



My wife's car lost the idler pulley for the Serpentine belt the other night.  COMPLETELY LOST IT.   I bought a new one,and a new belt, but have to put them in. 


Now SHE has a BAD case of the Flu, 2nd day in bed, and that is NOT Malingering.   If her lungs weren't better today, She would be in at Urgent Care today. 


It never rains but it pours.   I still need to find a job, and am having trouble keeping hope in that area up.   

Oh well, Lets try to think positively.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Seriously.   Happy New Year, I hope it goes well for everyone. 

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Condolences to all: Marcus, Lemming, Gewing. I've lost loved ones to both dementia and cancer; fast or slow, it always hurts.



The flu has come around here, as well. I thought I might have to take Kate to the clinic today, but she seems to be doing better. We both took the day off to recover. Last January was horrible for both of us -- I burned up every sick day I had for the entire year before the month was out. After resolving NOT to do that again, I started the year off by taking a sick day on 2014's very first workday. Back to work tomorrow, out in the snow with a cold; probably Saturday as well to make up for some missed hours.


And the floodwaters will still be up through the weekend. For some ungodly reason, the best oilfields around here are in the *&^%$#@! flood plains... this happens every winter. Bleah.

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