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Today would have been Mom's 76th birthday. I celebrated by eating a rare steak and a rich dessert (that I shouldn't have), and tipping the server $20 on a $25 order.   The day's actually been pretty

Sadly I have had a lot of experience with unemployment. Get into a routine that forces you to get up every morning. If you need to make phone calls you want to catch people before their day gets out o

Got called by the doctor to say that my mother survived and she is in one of the ICU wards. The surgeon said in a rather jolly fashion that they had cleaned out the puss which if it had been allowed t

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A family friend of Lady P went to a house he owned on Thursday night to serve an eviction notice to the tenants. When he didn't come back, the police were called. They found his body in a crawlspace in the house in question last night. The tenants are nowhere to be found.



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On 1/4/2019 at 10:46 AM, Pariah said:

She was admitted to the hospital over the weekend to try to remove a blockage in her lower intestine.


After two days of tests, they discharged her to spend her remaining days with her family.


She passed away peacefully around 2:00 a.m. The funeral will be this Saturday.


After seeing her last Friday night, it's hard to be sad for her. She just wasn't herself anymore. I'm glad her suffering is over.


I'll miss her, though. And I feel bad for her husband and son. Their three-year-old and our five-year-old are best buddies. I feel like we're going to see a lot of him over the next few weeks.

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Got a call from the friend that I am no longer close to that one of our other friends has got cancer. Don't know the extent of it yet but it is not fair as he is one of the nicest people around. And he has a wife and child who will be affected by it. I have sent a condolence but you feel so useless. It's not a if he is a smoker either. That makes two of the group that have serious health issues.

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On the bright side, I got to shoot the instructor with imaginary bullets from the rubber gun*. I'm not going to let a little thing like intense pain stop me from  . . . well, being me. :D



*Disclosure: I was the example of a connection with one good probe hit and one hit on relatively loose clothes, so it wasn't 100% muscle lockup, but it was still damned hard to move and painful.

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