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Today would have been Mom's 76th birthday. I celebrated by eating a rare steak and a rich dessert (that I shouldn't have), and tipping the server $20 on a $25 order.   The day's actually been pretty

Sadly I have had a lot of experience with unemployment. Get into a routine that forces you to get up every morning. If you need to make phone calls you want to catch people before their day gets out o

Got called by the doctor to say that my mother survived and she is in one of the ICU wards. The surgeon said in a rather jolly fashion that they had cleaned out the puss which if it had been allowed t

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And we're back to my Housemate's mother trying to drive off again.

Because, you know, screw the innocent she might run over. (She even hit the drive way wall, just scratched her car, and then tried to drive down the road.)


Oh well, it was nice to get a mile beyond the house for a whole 40 minutes before we had to whip back because news got out she was driving off.


She had paused, possibly trying to figure out how to get to the post office. Or maybe it's too dark for her to drive.


As for now, she and her daughter are having a conversation in the middle of our street, two cars. Etc.


I try to remind myself it's Dementia, not the fact she's a selfish evil old #$#$# who is making a power play to control her daughter...

but I'm not sure I can make myself believe it entirely



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On 12/12/2019 at 6:04 PM, tkdguy said:

Most of the issues in my life seem to be getting better, or at least not getting worse. Why have I been so cranky and/or depressed lately?


Then again, it's the Christmas season. That's usually enough to put me in a bad mood. 


*Insert Vader's voice* The Grinch is strong in this one!


You ain't alone. Christmas season sets me off


Mostly because in this house it lasts till #$#$#ing February

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My wife's chronic illness has us so off our game this year that both of us failed to properly plan for Christmas shopping and wrapping.


In one of the more pathetic scene's of the year my 10 year old wrapped her own gifts that we ordered for her off of Amazon and then the next day opened her own self-wrapped Christmas gifts.


Complete parental failure on our part.


Fortunately, we've loved her up enough over the years that she only briefly chastised us and then we picked up the day by playing the Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne board game.

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