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Re: Super Skills


Having gone through the Skills, I figure maybe I could go through the Powers' descriptions, taking the whole alphabetically, and see if anything jumps out at me.


Just starting from the top:


Absorption: Maybe a character gets a sort of "determination rush" when he's hit, Absorbing hits to EGO and/or PRE. It would have to be heavily limited (like maybe only absorbing actual BODY damage, after defenses), but it's a possibility.


Aid: Again, EGO and PRE are good things to Aid. Oratory and certain other Skills can be Required Skills, for "super" forms. Some of the DEX Aid forms from TUMA could be used as well.


Armor: Combat Luck pretty much sums it up here, I think.


Change Environment, Darkness: Nothing really appropriate seems to fit here -- all I can think of have to do with use of the voice, or really bad B.O.


Clairsentience: Super-Deduction and certain other things I've already mentioned are based on this -- knowing something's the case just by figuring it out. (You see a lot of that on TV shows like CSI and The Profiler). Area Knowledge could work the same way. A really perceptive character could also "see around corners" by using audio cues, shadows, and other near-subliminal hints.


Clinging: Super-Climbing is fairly obvious here. If Clinging can be expanded to include a character's grip, this could also be used for holding on to objects being carried (especially large objects) -- though this starts to get into the "wild" area and isn't often seen in the source material.


Damage Reduction, Damage Resistance: Basically as per TUMA.


Density Increase: I can't think of a thing.


Dispel: A variety of Skills could be RSR for this, representing the ability to destroy or disable various types of equipment. Demolitions would be the ability to destroy something, while Electronics or Mechanics could be used to disable it -- or even just disable one or two functions while leaving the rest intact. Naturally this would be taken with OAF (tools).


Drain: Certain Interaction Skills, at the "super-Skill" level, could Drain a target's EGO, PRE, or even INT.


Duplication: A highly intelligent individual could have an AI "duplicate," matching his own DEX and SPD, to perform mental tasks while he concentrates on other matters.


Ego Attack: The only thing I can think of here is to base it on INT or PRE, with a Special Effect of saying something traumatic (like a really serious insult, a recollection of a traumatic event in the target's childhood, or a really bad pun).


Endurance Reserve: The "breath-holding" trick is one possibility (though I forget offhand where that's published). Another -- and one I particularly like -- is a separate reserve for Intelligence- or Presence-based Powers, as a sort of "mental endurance."


Energy Blast: The only thing I can think of here is the old "throwing objects of opportunity" trick.


Enhanced Senses: Most of the stuff from TUMA should work here. Also many Intellect Skills (especially Deduction), Knowledge Skills, and so forth could support a Detect, on the "I figured this would be here" sort of logic.


Entangle: Besides the "throwing objects of opportunity" trick, one could have a Mental Paralysis based on a PRE Attack, or a highly skilled nerve pinch.


Extra-Dimensional Movement: DC doesn't really use alternate dimensions even in the "dimension but not a dimension" sense (such as dreams, cyberspace, or the like), so this isn't really appropriate.


Extra Limbs: Some individuals can use their feet almost as well as hands (rather like Spacers in TE/AW), so that works here.


Faster-Than-Light (FTL) Travel: I don't think this really has any application or need in a DC game.


Find Weakness: This could easily be used in conjunction with Demolitions, Dispel, or other destructive Skills and Powers. The right kind of Analyze could also be a complementary Skill, or (as mentioned earlier) FW could be a form of "super-Analyze."


Flash: TUMA covers Flash as eye pokes, ear claps, and the like. Someone on the boards here recently mentioned the possibility of a "Voice Flash"; while this could be covered in a future version of TUMA, I think the idea could be introduced here. Basically a quick, skillful blow to the throat can silence the voice without being life-threatening.


Flash Defense: It's always possible to just have resilient eyes, ears, nose, throat, etc.


Flight: Michael Jordan, anyone? This could be a highly accurate and agile super-Leaping, though it would need plenty of good Limitations (most particularly Must Start And End Phase On Solid Footing).


Force Field: A character could have a small FF with the Must Be Aware Of Attack Limitation.


Force Wall: Most of what I can think of here (such as a "Presence Barrier" to stop Mental Powers) falls more under the Pulp Hero feel than DC.


I'll resume with the G's a little later....


(And ya know, I'm starting to think that maybe these DC "super-Skills" could get a book of their own.... ;))

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Re: Super Skills


Payback is a Mutha! +3 combat, only vs foes fought in the past....also could be perfect planning.....Find weakness with all attacks:only vs prior foes or RSR:"Foes" (Example:Ninjas),"I'm starting to Like the pain" Absorbtion PD>Stun......OR Damage reduction:RSR;Will roll....lots of possabilitys...I remeber someone doing an Awesome "Perfect planning" power group....should be out there somewhere....

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Re: Super Skills


Continuing on...


Gliding: The "Pass Without Trace" ability from the core rulebook is one obvious possibility. Another that comes to mind is an "object of opportunity" parachute -- grab a coat, bedsheet, or something to ease your descent. I could have mentioned earlier, but only thought of it now, that Gliding could be used for a "super-Breakfall." A character could "glide" over thin ice without breaking it (similar but not identical to "Pass Without Trace"), or use Gliding to slide along a wire from one building to another.


Growth: I can't think of a thing here -- probably inappropriate.


Hand-To-Hand Attack: Weapons of opportunity; "unskilled" martial arts (like a special form of Brawling); a sort of "super-Find Weakness."


Healing: As mentioned above, "super-Paramedics" is pretty obvious; a good repairman, using Electronics or Mechanics, could also have Healing for super-fast repair of machinery and other equipment (think Montgomery Scott here).


Images: "Super-Mimicry" and "Super-Ventroliquism" would basically be Images to Sound Group. I imagine Images could also be used for a "super-Sleight Of Hand." I person skilled at manipulating evidence could have Images to forensic-based Detects (Forensic Sense Group, perhaps?), or to Mental Power "super-Skills."


Invisibility: Stealth, Concealment, and Bugging could all have their own applications here. A really stealthy character could also be Invisible to Forensic Sense Group if you take the above suggestion.


Killing Attacks: This is more for TUMA than DC, I think. If there's anything to include in this book, it's probably in that one.


Lack Of Weakness: With things like Analyze and Find Weakness around, this would be appropriate, but I really can't think of a super-Skill application for it.


Leaping: Again, this would be on part with what's in TUMA.


Life Support: Extended Breathing, Diminished Eating, Diminished Sleep, and certain Immunities are all things I could see on normal human characters, either straight or with Requires A Survival Roll as a Limitation. Some action heroes also seem to have reduced forms of Safe Environment (basically 1-point versions of the 2-point forms, taking only half damage from these environmental hazards). One point of Longevity -- but no more -- can also be appropriate; some of these guys just seem to stay young forever.


Luck: This could have a myriad of Requires A Skill Roll: Gambling and Seduction are merely the most obvious.


Mental Defense: This could be used to defend against certain Mental Power-based super-Skills. Hard To Figure Out would defend against Mind Scan and Telepathy; Hard To Manipulate would defend against Mental Illusions and Mind Control.


Mind Control: Based On Presence, this could be a super-form of just about any Interaction Skill -- certainly anything where the character tries to get someone to do something for him. Besides just straight Mind Control BOP, a character with Persuasion could have Emotion Control to try to tug the heartstrings, push angry buttons, and so forth.


Mind Link: From a "super-Skill" standpoint I don't see anything appropriate here.


Mind Scan: Psychological and geographic profiling, as well as "super-Skill" levels of Criminology and Deduction, could enable a character to figure out a target's location. Just make it Based On Intelligence and there you go.


Missile Deflection & Reflection: A toned-down version of what's in TUMA is the only thing that seems right to me here.


Multiform: This is a classic for "mutliple personality" types. I can see where it might also be possible to have such a deep "deep cover" that it would be bought this way -- the Characteristics would be mostly the same (the GM might allow variances in COM, PRE, or EGO), but the person's Contacts and possibly certain other Skills would differ. This would be a big-time "Stop Sign" ability, of course.


Power Defense: A character could have this ability, Only Versus Venoms And Poisons (-1/2), Requires A Survival Roll (-1/2).


Running: Besides the obvious athletic ability, I also like Running with Invisible Power Effects for those individuals who seem to be able to appear from nowhere, vanish when nobody is looking, or suddenly be on the other side of the room. The main problem I see with this approach is that it would require a variance on the rule that an Advantage on a Power must always be used with the Power -- though a variation of Variable Advantage might take care of this.


Shape Shift: The obvious possibilities: Disguise for Sight Group and possibly Touch Group, Mimicry for Hearing Group, Acting for Mental Group.


Shrinking: A super-agile character might have Shrinking with the Easily Perceived and No Growth Momentum Limitations, to represent how he seems to make himself a smaller target in combat. At the opposite end of the spectrum, a super-Contortionist could make himself physically smaller to fit into cramped spaces, though he'd probably be at 0 DCV while shrunk.


Stretching: The most I could see here would be 1" of Stretching with RSR, using Acrobatics and/or Contortionist as the Required Skill. (Also throw in Always Direct, No Noncombat, No Velocity Damage, and Limited Body Parts.)


Summon: Perhaps a super-Animal Handler could summon some of his animals, with the Arrives Under Own Power Limitation, and generally the Summoned Being Must Inhabit Locale Limitation as well.


Suppress: I could see a STR or DEX Suppress in the form of a nerve pinch, but not much else comes to mind.


Swimming: Athletic (normal) swimming is all I can think of here.


Swinging: As I illustrated in Personal Brachiation for the Online USPD, one doesn't necessarily need to have a separate swingline to swing. Also, it occured to me long ago that, just as a character can Run a long farther than just one or two steps per Phase, it should be quite possible for a character to swing farther per Phase than just a single swoop on the swingline. So, applying a Limitation Manual Reach (for, say, -1), along with possibly Requires A Climbing Roll, the character can swing like a monkey -- or a cartoon monkey, at any rate -- from any series of ledges, poles, or anything else he can get his paws on.


Telekinesis: With Fine Manipulation and (as an exception to the rule against this) No Range, this could be a form of super-Lockpicking.


Telepathy: Any Interaction Skill used to gather information from someone (especially Conversation and Interrogation) could have a super-Skill form with Telepathy, Based On Presence. However, I'd suggest that a Modifier be introduced allowing anyone in the vicinity to also hear what's being said (even if it's just a -0 Limitation).


Teleportation: This is the classic form of the "move without being noticed" power I discuss above under Running. Even if you take my suggestion of publishing Running as an option for this, I think Teleportation should be the "default" way of doing it. A short-range Teleportation UAA could also be used for Sleight Of Hand.


Transfer: The only thing I can think of here is Wealth Transfer as a super-Skill form of Bureaucratics and/or Computer Programming. But I don't think that would go over real well in a game....


Transform: Other than the Lockpicking trick mentioned earlier, one could use super-Electronics, super-Mechanics, or super-Inventor to change the function for a piece of equipment. Super-Inventor could also Transform raw materials into a gadget. Super-Persuasion or Super-Oratory could make a long-term change in someone's attitude (a Mental Transform).


Tunneling: Besides the trick in TUMA, there are a lot of unusual Tunneling tricks one could do with Demolitions as a Required Skill -- digging out a building's foundations, for example, or weakening the ground under a road so it collapses when a convoy passes over. I probably could (and just might) write an entire Digital Hero article on the topic. ;)


That reaches the end of the Powers list.... :D

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Re: Super Skills


For two of the tougher powers:


-Mind Link could be used to represent characters who have trained so extensively with each other that they can predict what the others are thinking. Probably would have range limits and/or skill checks.


-I can think of one usage of Extradimensional Travel: a character who has the ability to essentially disappear into, and travel among, a subculture such as the underworld, or the Chinese immigrant community, or whatever, with such skill that no one outside the community can find him.


Oh, and I must say, superskills in general are really cool for normal Champions games, too.

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Re: Super Skills


One of my favorite 'super-skill' constructions -- note that I didn't give this a required skill roll, simply because it was supposed to go beyond that. It was for a fantasy game, for a character who was SOOO good at seduction that it wasn't just a skill anymore. It'd easily fit in modern games, though, and is in fact a staple of the spy genre


"Flirting" (8d6 of Mind Control). You can take some limited control over men by playing with them. Reduced Endurance (0 END, +1/2), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-1/4), Limited Class of Minds (Only Works on Men, -1/2), Only to Inspire Love toward Her (-1), Concentration (1/2 DCV, -1/4), Extra Time (1 turn; -1 1/4), Restrainable (-1/2), Must Actually Flirt With Target (-1/4).

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Re: Super Skills


Here's a Talent that could be included. I actually know someone with this ability.


Absolute Parking Sense: A character with this ability always remembers, without effort, exactly where he left his car, motorcycle, boat, aircraft, or other vehicle. He doesn't have to be the driver; having been in the vehicle when it arrived, and having at least seen it reach its exact location, is enough.

Of course, the Talent doesn't do much good if the vehicle is moved after he leaves it.

Absolute Parking Sense Cost: 8 Character Points (Detect Where I Left My Vehicle, Range).

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Re: Super Skills


I think I'd build Absolute parking sense as a "Bump of direction" that points to your vehicle instead of north......
Except that you'd also need Absolute Range Sense to get the exact location. No, I'll just go back to my original way of doing it (from several weeks ago, just plain old "Detect Where I Left My Vehicle").
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Guest Worldmaker

Re: Super Skills


I submitted these to the Online USPD, but was turned down because they were "super skills". For all I know, they'll show up in the book.



Amazing Insight: Clairsentience (Sight Group), Precognition - 0 Endurance Cost (+½)(60 Active Points); Time Modifiers (-½), Extra Time (1 Turn; -1¼), Only to Predict the Actions of Others (-½), Requires a Super Smarts Tricks Roll (-½). Real Cost: 16 Points.



Reading People: Telepathy 12d6 - Area Effect (12" Radius; +1), 0 Endurance Cost (+½)(150 Active Points); No Range (-½), Only for Figuring Out the Target's Intentions, Truthfulness, and Things They Are Trying to Hide (-1½), Must Be Able to Observe Subject (-½), Read Only (-½). Real Cost: 37 Points and Ego: +15 - Linked to Telepathy (-½). Real Cost: 10 Points. Total Cost: 47 Points

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Guest Worldmaker

Re: Super Skills


Well' date=' considering that the second one was something I put in the original Dark Champions eleven years ago, it's entirely possible it will show up again. ;)As to any others, I can't say.[/quote']


Interesting... what were you doing reading my NPCs back then? :winkgrin: That power I created for Doctor Simian, circa 1989. Great minds think alike, I suppose.

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Guest Worldmaker

Re: Super Skills


I wasn't reading your NPCs' date=' I was reading Arthur Conan Doyle. ;) That very ability, or one quite like it, is used by Sherlock Holmes in one of the stories Doyle wrote.[/quote']


It was a joke, Steve. Calm down. :D


My inspiration was Ricardo Montalban's portrayal of Khan Noonian Singh in the second Star Trek movie.

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Re: Super Skills


How have I missed this thread until now?

Change Environment' date=' Darkness:[/b'] Nothing really appropriate seems to fit here -- all I can think of have to do with use of the voice, or really bad B.O.

I've got an NPC with Change Environment used to "remove all forensic traces" from the area affected (to foil the detective PC, for once). His power is supernatural, but the effect seems perfect for a RSR.

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Super Skills pt 1: Super Detectives


For a super detective, I have constructed the following "skill powers":


*Scene Reconstruction, based on Clairsentience. The ability should take time to use - for Batman types perhaps just ten minutes; for more realistic detectives, perhaps as much as an hour or two. For more realistic detectives there should also be a Limitation reflecting required research materials like a crime lab and/or files. The ability does not work accurately if the area has been altered since the event that is desired to be viewed; the greater the alteration, the less accurate the view provided.

[Note: This is a more robust version of Deduction, for those detectives who can go the extra mile]


*Streetwise, based on Mind Scan. This one is a bit weird, so bear with me. It requires a Streetwise roll (it can also be based on Psychology or KS: Criminal Underworld), and takes time (an hour or so, I recommend). It cannot be used in an area for which the character does not have Area Knowledge. It can only be used to find criminal types with whom the character is familiar (GM's discretion on whether this requires personal familiarity or clinical familiarity, as in being acquainted with his pathology or criminal history). It does not, obviously, allow the use of mental powers through the link.

[Note: This power allows the super detective to locate criminal scum with whom he is familiar unerringly]


*Handwriting analysis, based on either Clairsentience or Telepathy. I haven't decided which works better. It should take time, and a skill roll, and require a substantial sample of handwriting. It can only be used to determine general characteristics of the subject, not current thoughts, but it might be used to qualify for familiarity for the above-mentioned Mind Scan superskill.


*Detect Concealed Weapon, for sharp eyed characters, obviously. Other possibilities exist as well, such as Detect Drug User (based on a medicene or pharmacology skill roll - this could be made Analytical to determine which drug is being used), and - my favorite - Detect Criminal Hangouts (this one might be based on Streetwise and could allow a character to locate criminal hot spots even in unfamiliar areas). The more outrageous variants could be Detect Type of Firearm (requires KS:Firearms, Analytical, requires that the character be able to hear the report of the weapon being fired) or Detect Type of Vehicle (requires KS: Automobiles, Analytical, requires a reasonably sized tire track or mark to examine).


NOTE/QUESTION: I have experimented with adding a one-quarter disad to some of these called "Realistic" or "Intuitional" (depending on my mood), which specifies that the knowledge gained is not as sure or specific as if the power were actually a POWER per se. I am still torn as to whether this is worth a disad, but in a setting where the justice system plays a role, I believe it might be.

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Super Skills pt 2: Super Luck


For super lucky characters, aside from the obvious choices like DCV levels and Luck, I have come up with the following in the past:


*Right Place, Right Time: A Summon based power. No conscious control, can only summon normal people, summoned people are "already there," 0 END. "Is there a doctor in the house?" "Yes!" "No, no - a doctor of entymology!" "Why, yes! That's amazing!" Heheheh.


*Other directed Unluck - a fully indirect, no conscious control, 0 END, attack of some kind with Damage Shield. Activated by those who are attempting to do the character harm.


*Favorable Ground: Since Change Environment can no longer be used to aid, this will have to be Transform based. Like all Luck powers, it should be no conscious control and 0 END. Items transformed were "already there." The power takes effect to create useful things at hand, like a handy fire extinguisher, flask of acid, etc.

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Re: Super Skills


Thanx for all the ideas and suggestions, folx! I'm starting on the Super-Skills section today.


Feel free to keep posting examples. I'm basically just posting as a "placeholder" to remind myself where I stopped reviewing the thread in case I need to start again. :hex:

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Re: Super Skills


Here's something that I've been debating (internally) whether to mention here or not. It came up as a joke in another thread (on the Champions forum), and it seems just too silly to include in DC -- but you never know.


It developed from the fact that, in Champions, a character can technically make a speech for as long as he wants in no time at all. Of course, most GMs apply the "common sense rule," but a strict reading would indicate that a character could recite the entire works of Shakespeare as a single No Time action.


Hence, the phrase: "super-filibuster." I imagine this as someone speaking to such an extent that nobody else can do anything -- either a Suppress SPD, or a single-action Mind Control. I imagine it could involve the Voice Range Limitation from FH, and possibly have some connection with Oratory or Persuasion (or super-Skill versions of those).


Like I say, it's probably too silly for DC... but I'd rather let you make the final decision yourself, Steve, than make a negative decision for you. :)

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