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Should this be called Dark Champions?


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Re: Should this be called Dark Champions?


I agree that Storn did an excellent job of making the HoJ look as little like a street super as possible' date=' but it is still the Harbinger.[/quote']I will agree completely here. The cover very definitely has an atmosphere of violent street-level action by a vigilante with a mask fetish rather than a street-level super. I am still somewhat concerned that potential buyers will still think the book's for street-level supers (as it is now, about once every month or two someone new comes on the board and asks if there's going to be a Modern Hero). The combination of the Dark Champions title and having Harby on the cover still gives me some concern, but Storn's work and the back-cover text alleviate that somewhat.


I'll also agree about wanting a new Danger International subgenre book, and other books addressing non-vigilante DC games. These, I think, would not only sell well in their own right, but also help break the image of DC as a vigilante game only.

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