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Enhanced Senses

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Overally, I really like the program, and am just starting to touch on its flexibility. Still, I'm having some trouble with Enhanced Senses powers:


1) Detect powers won't stay Passive. My character has three different Detects, all tied to the Mental Group, that revert to Active every time I open the character. It doesn't matter how many times I save the character or whether or not I close the program.


2) Enhanced Perception. My character has Enhanced Perception (all sense groups) and Enhanced Perception (mental sense group). Each Detect power has a line in the "Adder" section that reads "Enhanced Perception (built in)", but the numbers do not reflect it. The entries still list their rolls as based solely off on 9+INT/5 (+ any levels bought specifically with that Detect).


Am I missing something?

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Re: Enhanced Senses


1. Fixed in the current interim build.


2. That is correct. The additional bonus is not reflected in the roll -- this is in keeping with the way all other bonuses in the system work (like CSLs, SLs, etc).

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