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Creepy Pics.


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Re: Creepy Pics.


Considering how Donald was always flying into bouts of sputtering' date=' incoherent fury, I have trouble imagining that those around him thought he was an ideal role model/caretaker while alive.[/quote']


I've seen a lot of vintage Donald Duck cartoons, and if he really existed today, Child Protective Services would have those nephews in Unc'a Scrooge's custody in nothing flat. Maybe Duck Tales was just part of the cover-up? :idjit:

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Re: Creepy Pics.


Spoilered for X-rayed pelvis.



This was the x-ray of murderer Albert Fish's pelvis after he was electrocuted. He claimed to stick needles in his scrotum for sadomasochistic pleasure. The shrinks didn't believe him -- and then the electric chair shorted out...



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