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Creepy Pics.


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Re: Creepy Pics.


It seems to be working now.


It reminds me of when I used to work in pesticide registration for New York State. Products would sometimes come across my desk labeled to control mole crickets at golf courses.

I thought "What the heck is a mole cricket?" Then I looked it up...




In terms of size, they're more "mole grasshopper".



I am not sure whether to use them for bait or boil them up and serve them with butter.

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Re: Creepy Pics.





The artist misses a few conventions of little kid art, but still, a very effective medium for a creepy little tale. At that age, suns are still monochromatic and in the corner, and eyes are almost never hollow. The "m" birds aren't quite deliberate enough for a beginning artist. Kids don't kern their handwriting that well. Penny-ante stuff that knocks verisimilitude, but still I liked it!


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