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We Need More....CHAINSAWS!!!!


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Re: We Need More....CHAINSAWS!!!!


Saw Blade Thrower


This device spins up a circular saw blade and then throws it at the target. This is not Armor Piercing (in fact it bounces off of armor), but any good shot to unarmored head or neck will be fatal. GMs might want to demonstrate that before taking off a hero's head.


2x 1D6 RKA, Reduced Pentration



+1D6 RKA, -2 Lim: Requires a successful hit to the unarmored head or neck area. (Activates on a 8-)


Nice ideal, but the artical is supose to be about real world power tools and such used as weapions (and the Hero System stats). I can't see the Saw Blade Thrower as a 'real' weapion, othoe a portabul curcular saw could be.


Of course, what is the difrence, mechanic wise, between a Chainsaw and a Curculer Saw?


Oh, btw, nice quote. Is it from a charater who took the psychological limitation 'Beleves Self To Be A Charater In A Role Playing Game (and this, can officaly mouth off about rules in charater)'?

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Re: We Need More....CHAINSAWS!!!!


The blade thrower sounds like a scaled up version of most Happy-Meal toys!


I am inclined to agree. And since we ARE talking about "action telivision/movie/book reality", such a weapion is about as likely to 'work' as much as a man wearing a mask made of skin and carring along a chainsaw with a mile-long power cord would work.

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Re: We Need More....CHAINSAWS!!!!


I run a woodshop, so most of my insurance coverage nightmares are covered on this thread. so in an attempt at therapy, I'll chime in:


Chainsaw: 1/2d6 autofire (6-shot) HKA, continuous, reduced end; OAF bulky (?), noisy, two handed, real weapon, Str Min. Even a little armor will slow it WAY down, but you get in a good hit and you can watch the meat fly.


Sawz-all (a reciprocating saw positioned at the end of the tool for getting into tighter corners than a regular jig saw) 1 pip HKA, penetrating, continuous; OAF two handed, real weapon. It will eventually chew through just about anything, but lacks the splatter value of the chainsaw.


Nail-gun (I'm assuming a framing gun, either gas-firing or .22 cal loads, though you could do traditional pnuematic by upping charges and making it Bulky & multiple foci: compressor and hose) 1d6 RKA, AP, penetrating (AP & Penetrating are only for point blank), Reduced by range (nails tumble immediately, they'd just be an painful annoyance after about 2m), OAF, real weapon, 32 charges.


Die-grinder (essentially a grinding wheel on a short stick, I don't know if they have these with portable power packs, but heck, it's DC) 2d6 HKA,

AP, OAF fragile (Not really meant to be swung around at strength), plus linked 2d6 Flash if it hits ferrous metal


Arc welder - 8d6 EB nnd, does body, def is non-conductive construction or Force Field (flesh is conductive enough, btw) linked to 8d6 Flash, No range, OAF Bulky, requires 220v three phase current


I must go vomit now.

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Re: We Need More....CHAINSAWS!!!!


Thank you, Mad GM.


Well, at least we haven't said exactly what the instrments of doom would do to most people, but I guess we have seen enougth splater movies...


Of course, most splater movies are acualy fun to watch. The victoms are so stupid, you wonder how thay made it to the sweet age of 18 in the first place...

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