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Naming an AI Computer


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Originally posted by winterhawk

Hmmm, what's the team name? Did a player invent it, and if so what is the characters name? It's sometimes easier to derive a slick name if its related to the creator.


BTW, all superteam computers in my universe are manufactued by a company called TroubAlert :P

The team name is the Silver Sentinels. Our Superhero team was around many months before Guardians of Order produced their game. We figure its just a coincidence but our lawyers are looking into it ;)


The story on the computer is that it was invented by the character Peregrin and his DNPC brother (a computer wiz/ex-con computer hacker).

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Seriously, I got the idea from my daugther's first name. The Mama part came outta nowhere, just sounded clever. But I digress...

What about giving the PCs comm links to the AI. You could put them into the form of tatoos on their arms that spell out "Mom", "Mother", "Mudder" or some such....


I guess the name was also partially inspired by the computer from the original 'Alien" movie. It was called 'Mother'.

Besides, the Mama Cass reference fits. Especially if used in a Silver Age campaign... :)

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Re: Naming an AI Computer


Originally posted by Edsel

I have been working on our super teams base computer. It is an AI with a female personality. I can't seem to come up with a catchy acronym for the name. Anybody out there care to suggest some.

S.U.S.S.I.E (Sentient Unit for Silver Sentinel Investigations and Enforcement)


H.E.N. (Helpful Engramed Network), nickname :Mother Hen :)

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This is a write-up I was working on for a hypothetical 4th Ed Champions game. Never did get to use it.


Heuristic Artificial Neural Networking Analog



Val CHA Cost Roll Notes

20 INT 10 13- PER Roll 13-

20 DEX 30 13- OCV: 7

15 EGO 10 12- ECV: 5

5 SPD 27 Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12


Powers & Skills

Security Monitoring Sensors:

Clairsentience for Normal Sight, Hearing, and High Range Radio Hearing, 600" Range, 0 END, IAF (Security Cameras) (-1/2), Can only see through Security Cameras (-1/2), Immobile, (-1) (20)


Holographic Projectors:

Images -5 PER Rolls to Normal Sight And Sound, 0 END, IAF (-1/2), Immobile (-1) (12)


Computer Abilities:

Absolute Time Sense (3)

Eidetic Memory (10)

Lightning Calculator (3)

Speed Reading (3)


Computer Skills:

Computer Programming 13- (3)

Criminology 13- (3)

Cryptography 14- (5)

Sensors Operation 14- (5)


Knowledge Skills:

Supervillians 14- (5)

Normal Criminals 14- (5)

Police Records 14- (5)

FBI Files 14- (5)

World Geography 14- (5)

North American Geography 14- (5)

General Law 14- (5)

Tax Laws 14- (5)


Language Skills: (All Fluent Conversation) Arabic, Italian, Greek, Latin, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish (24)



Mathematics 13- (4)

Physics 13- (4)

Biology 13- (4)

Chemistry 13- (4)

Robotics 13- (4)

Cybernetics 13- (4)



Surveillance (1)

Search Reference Material (1)

Break Code (1)

Scan Police Bands/TV/Radio for Crimes and News (1)

Play Games (1)

Create Image (1)



Physical Limitation:

Needs Electricity to function (25)

Psychological Limitations:

Sarcastic Sense of Humor (Common, Moderate) (10)

Loyal to team (Common, Moderate) (10)

Would desperately love to have a human body (10)

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Originally posted by nblade

Why even use an acronym? I know it sort of in the spirit I suppose, but people name thier computers every day and they don't have to have acronyms.


I agree -- I've always given the AIs rather benign names. The Hudson Hawks game had Eleanor (theirs) and Henry (UNTIL's). It made it easier to give them consistent personalities.



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Re: I've been on a mythology kick...


Originally posted by winterhawk

I.S.I.S. - Intergrated Sentient Intelligence System


Kinda (if you turn your head and squint) goes with the 'shiny' of silver and the bird of prey motif (Isis' son was Horus, the hawk headed god).

I've ended up going with ISIS. In addition to the logic behind winterhawk's suggestion, two of the characters in the group have some archeological connections that made it fit really well.


Thanks to everybody for their suggestions though:)

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