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Vampire teh Masquerade using the HERO System (second try)

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Re: Vampire teh Masquerade using the HERO System (second try)


Hi Ryan,

Overall, the document looks very slick – it makes me want to become independently wealthy and buy my own personal jet so I can fly down to OK to play in your game. :D


I’d seen and commented on prior versions of your conversion, but I had a few more comments:


1) I like the descriptions of what you can do with Power Skills purchased for different Thaumaturgical Paths (p.2). Yet another feature to swipe for my own conversion notes. :winkgrin:


2) Gaining a Derangement every time a character drops a Humanity level seems a bit harsh to me – some of the Derangements can be crippling.


3) The “Obey Vampire Master†Disadvantage for Ghouls (p. 35) seems redundant, given that these creatures have already been enthralled by the vampire’s Blood Bond power. Also, ghouls have a weaker version of the Beast and Frenzy at lower frequencies than vampires.




Edit: On second thought, the Blood Bond Transform would confer the "Obey Vampire Master" Disadvantage. Never mind.

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Re: Vampire teh Masquerade using the HERO System (second try)


I hope that if you become independantly wealthy you'll spend it on something better than a plane ticket to Oklahoma :D (starting your own game company and making me head developer would be a good start though ;)


When I read the cantrips use for the magic power skill in Fantasy HERO, I just had to use it. It's just too cool of a way to explain minor magic effects without buying niggling little spells for it all. Plus, getting a little more use out of the magic skill is always a good idea.


I agree that gaining a Derangement is too severe, but it's what I have to do for my group. Otherwise, losing humanity just doesn't have any teeth to it, so to speak (my Tremere player: "So, your telling me that if I kill innocent people I'll lose humanity... BUT my character will stop feeling bad about it? Somebody find me a baby to eat!"). In V:tM, you only gain a derangement if you botch the conscience roll. Similarly, you could gain a derangement only if you roll a 18 on your conscience roll, I definitley should include this as an option on the next draft.


As for the ghoul's "combat frenzy", this was a matter of taste on my part. In most of the fiction I've read, the ghouls were no different than other humans when it comes to fire or injury. They do seem to lose control rather frequently when it comes to fighting, so I gave them an altered version of the vampire's own enraged disadvantage.

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