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Name My Character...


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I'm making a character who's alter-ego is a fantasy/sci-fi writer who's worked mainly in writing novels and short-stories for publishers of open-ended fantasy continuities. He's recently published his first Best Seller, it's a story and a setting of his own.


His heroic identity is a 7 to 9 ft. tall (haven't decided that yet either) humanoid Dragon. He is the heir to a long lineage of protectors who bear the mark of the dragon upon their souls.


The story goes: In the time before time, in the age of myths and legends, there were great wars being fought between gods, mythic beasts and mighty wizards (etc)... to protect the mortal flock from the collateral effects of these wars, the gods of light created a number of bloodlines among their mortal subjects, each bearing an arcane mark. Each of these lines, in bearing it's respective mark, embodied the aspects and major attributes of one of the great beasts of legend. (There will probably be a set number of these, I haven't decided yet.) There was a lineage of those who bore the mark of the Griffin, the mark of the Unicorn, the Saytr, the Manticore, the Pegasus, the Siren, the Ogre, etc. etc. My character's line was that that bore the mark of the Dragon. In heroic form, each of these lineage's became a human/beastial hybrid. In the case of my character, he's a large humanoid with the wings, scales, claws, head, tail and breath of a dragon. This is not neccessarily the standard form for each of the lines. The Unicorn, for example assumes a more centauroid appearance.


He lives and writes in Boston, Mass. By night, when not writing, he soars amidst the city's canyons of glass and steel, living up to the burning desire in his heart, that which was placed upon his blood, so many millenia ago when the gods of light crafted his family, namely the desire to watch-over the mortal men, women and children who dwell within his domain.


Aside from the obvious...



"The Dragon"

"The Dragonman"

"The Dragonoid"


...can anyone suggest some cool names that the local media may have come up with to refer to these 'strange sightings of the winged vigilante?'



Thanks in advance.

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Re: Name My Character...






What the media names him might not be the most flattering or heroic sounding. It might just be some wise ass reporter that gets his name to stick. You might even get something that makes no sense whatsoever like the Boston Brontosaurus or similar nonsesical names.

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Re: Name My Character...


You might even get something that makes no sense whatsoever like the Boston Brontosaurus or similar nonsesical names.


Having lived in the City of Boston here are some things the Boston Herald would come up for names:


Instead of Boston Brontosaurus you'd have the Beacon Hill Brontosaurus if they wanted to portray him against the working man.


The Southie 'Saurus if he was against the posh yuppies.


The Green Monster II if he used a light pole as a bat! (it wouldn't matter if he was green either.) Especially if he swung and missed everytime but still sat on his laurals from 1918 when he once hit something... but I digress on a bitter pill.


Dunkin' Dinosaur! If he destroyed a donut establishment.


The Fenway Flamer. This requires a certain knowlege of Boston. Assuming the dragon has a breath weapon there is the obvious connection. The thing to know is that the Fenway is an area of the Charles River with high reeds, gardens and benches and is frequented by vagrants, muggers and (the important bit) men seeking other men for "anonymous contact" (ahem! and that is as subtle as I can put it.) So the other possible meaning should now be obvious.


Lechemere Lizard (Lechemere is a stop on the Boston 'T' subway system, specifically the Greenline (!) near Science Park in Cambridge (leading to a possible origin story.) Its also near the Charles and Mystic Rivers (see the movie Mystic River) and is near enough to a high crime area that you'd be in business right away!


Wow, what a roll!

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Re: Name My Character...


The Dragon Knight (hinting at a bloodline nobility sort of thing)

St. George

NYDHOGG - nibbled the roots of Yggdrasil in Norse myths.


Or for a native american flair:

THE PIASA - originated in North America, and was worshipped by the Algonquins. It had the body of a dragon, the head of a person, a lion's mane, and a tail twice as long as a person. This was a neo-dragon which lived near the Mississippi River. This dragon did not bother humans until it found dead ones and tried the meat. To its surprise, it liked the taste. It now hunded humans and abducted people to bring them back to its lair for dinner.


Chances are, you'll get named by what people say when they see you, something like The Beast of AAAGH! or HOLY S**T!

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