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Throwing curveballs at the spies


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Re: Throwing curveballs at the spies


yeah but the idea of having lots of seemingly ordinary people and specialists on the payroll you can call up for little jobs in there area or field is kind of intriguing


It is. But it means a lot of different people carrying out the various operations, whereas I want the same set of PCs doing all the operations.


Besides which, how would the British Secret Service as of 1979 afford that payroll? How would it recruit all those hundreds of people in different countries and not get its covers blown, its staff filled with moles and doubles?

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Re: Throwing curveballs at the spies


Oh well in 1979 go with the forerunner to this information technology based a network of contacts freelancers and consultants who whilst not necessarily on the payroll full time offer support information or access when required. Builders who can get you onto a site with a view of a target. A doctor who doesn’t ask too many questions when you wake him at 2 am carrying a guy with a bullet wound. Nuclear physicists with security clearence that sort of thing.


as for recruitment


friend and family peopel you knwo through uni and can trust the secret service attache at the embassies main job is schmoozing the local scene finding helpful people in the underworld govermnet and civilians to back up opperatiosn in there area.


and as its 1979 and teh tail end of teh codl war there is still pleanty of money available for creating and maintaining human assets. be that in eth form of bribes start up capitol bought favours from others etc.

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