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I have posted this link before, and I know you're dealing with a somewhat different population of students, but here.


I personally contributed only a couple of those.


These are brilliant. I'd like to post a link to the Book of Face, if that's not a problem.

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True story:   The first servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope was in December 1993. Very shortly after that, in January, the results of that servicing (which was to install the corrective optics

Ask me lightsaber color and I reach for spectral line wavelengths, which is an aspect of deep geekery you innocent children should be spared.

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Both of us were early in our first teaching faculty appointments, and there was lots of commiseration in a (long gone) chatroom about it. I claim credit for items 2-6, 2-7, and 4-5 in that list. And I remember the nervous laughter in the room the first time I used 2-7 to a class. That group was incensed that I demanded they do actual library research on the term paper (and tune-up works en route to that) I assigned.

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Swedes and Norwegians joke about each other. Like, "What do roundabout signs in Norway say? 'Max seven laps'."


And the last war between Norway and Sweden was going poorly for the Swedes, until they came up with a new tactic: shouting "Norwegians, where are you?" They'd answer "Here!" and stand up -- BLAM!


The Norwegians found this devilishly clever, and tried to emulate it. "Hey Swedes, where are you?" "Who wants to know?" "Us!" BLAM!

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