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Ask me lightsaber color and I reach for spectral line wavelengths, which is an aspect of deep geekery you innocent children should be spared.

True story:   The first servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope was in December 1993. Very shortly after that, in January, the results of that servicing (which was to install the corrective optics

A Hooke's Law force is one where the magnitude of the force is proportional to the magnitude of the displacement from the equilibrium position, and oppositely directed. It is a prerequisite for the c

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I posted a link to the Nature editorial itself in the Politics thread the day it came out.  And Ms Lehmann can keep her conspiracy theories about a scientific establishment in her own corrupted money-puppet dumpster and stick keep them where the Sun doesn't shine.

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15 hours ago, Pariah said:

Yes, it's definitely one of those two things. Which one depends on the moment, I suppose.


The ‘trick’ is to make it a habit, preferably a good habit towards truth. 

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There is 1) The System. There are 2) people who support The System. There are 3) people who rebel & fight The System. These are the actual rebels. Dune & Star Wars should have been more successful. Finn is symbolic for disillusioned Supporters who now Rebel. There are 4) people who fight for & on behalf of The System and ‘rebel’ against the ACTUAL rebellion. 5) I think that covers everything. 

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