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A Thread for Random Mooings


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The Daily Bucket Letters page


Here I sit trapped in this automated mechanical stall barely room to move, breathe, and denied touch of kindnesses as I wallow in my own filth the milk stolen from me by machines pumping my gift through tubes.


Happy Cows come from California my ass!


-Cali Cow

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Re: A Thread for Random Mooings



I'm a bovine

and I feel fine

You got your grass and I got mine


My hood's the pasture

it's as tough as the ghetto

Don't believe me?

We rumbled with deer in the meadow!


Straight up

Kicked bambi's tail


I'm phat, and I'm beefy

Got to pimp my cows

'fore farmer brown eats me!


Every bovine in the house say MOO!




Farmside! Straight up!


Peace ya'll!

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