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A Thread for Random Mooings

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Re: A Thread for Random Mooings


Three moos for elven-cows under the sky,

Seven for the dwarf cows in their halls of stone,

Nine for mortal cows doomed to die,

One for the Dark Cow on her dark throne

In the land of MOOdor where the shadows lie.

One moo to rule them all, one moo to find them,

One moo to bring them all and in the mooness bind them,

In the land of MOOdor where the shadows lie.

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Re: A Thread for Random Mooings


[The bad cow-related pun] "Beef_Me_Up Scotty" just sounds like a gay porn spoof of Star Trek.


And we *really* wouldn't want to think about that now, would we? I mean, just imagine it...


No. Just no.

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Re: A Thread for Random Mooings


I'd post a poll, but it's not worth a new thread and you can't splice a poll into an old one.


MOO will draft two rookies this off-season. As is my wont, the names must be bad cow puns, and I strongly prefer to keep the two names of rookies drafted together within a common theme. Things that have floated to the top of the septic tank that is my mind for the coming draftees include the following pairs:


  • Wagnerian opera theme:

    _ GötterdämMOOrung

    Das RheinMOO


  • Other classical music theme:

    Wolfang_A MOOzart

    Rhapsody_in MOO


  • Smash hit songs of the 1960s:

    Wooly Bully_Beef

    To_Sir With_Loin


  • Computer languages:

    _ COWBOL



  • Children's Books

    Wheres_My Cow

    If_I_Ran_the MOO or perhaps MisterBrownCan MOO


  • Famous American English novels

    The_Grapes_of MOO

    Of_Mice_and MOO


  • Academy Award winning movies from 25 years ago or so

    Apocalypse Cow

    ARuminant WithAView


  • Modern Artists

    Pablo Picowsso

    Claude MOOnet


If you like one of the above pairs more than the rest, let me know. Or, I'm willing to take suggestions. Rules:

  1. It must be two words, but a near-null word of "_" is allowed (as in the first candidate above).
  2. hyphens and underscores are allowed, but all others must be non-whitespace alphanumeric characters
  3. Including the space between the two words, it cannot exceed 20 characters.

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