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A Thread for Random Mooings


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Re: A Thread for Random Mooings


mind letting those of us' date=' who can't do high order conversions in our head, in?[/quote']


3735928559 decimal = DEADBEEF hex.


No one in their right mind mind (or most varieties of wrong mind) does that mentally ... If you've got a Windows machine, open the Calculator out of Accessories, go to its View menu and pull down Scientific. Making sure "Dec" is selected, copy-paste the number in. Then click it over to "Hex".

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Cows of the World, Unite!


Cows of the World, Unite! (a/k/a MOO) soon will play again in the Second (that is, bottom) division of WEFS, a pbem soccer league completely divorced from reality (so it's in no way a "fantasy" game), about to begin its 12th (!!) season.


MOO are "a crap team" (we prefer the term "chips") as described by one of the voters for the recently-concluded Player of the Year balloting (who gave his #2 vote to AMOOlea Earhart, MOO's versatile forward) and we probably will continue to be such.


The League Commissioner in his latest status (labeled such in that page linked above, but I link it here) indicated he was toying with the idea of resurrecting a Novice Division for new managers (the league has declined the last few years). The learning curve is fairly steep, but there is no monetary cost. A simple minority of the teams are from North America (most team managers are either in Europe, USA, Canada, or Australia). The league commissioner is a Finn; the league is conducted in English.


The game's more about resource management than soccer; this season's rulebook (seems to be unchanged over the last several years) is here. The league is an old, purely flat-text pbem (the orders look, in some ways, almost like assembly language) style; think Notepad, not Word. The web information is pure static flat text. This particular league started up back in the early 1990s and is derived from games that started well before the Web began. PM me if you have questions.

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