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Need Espionage Plot Hooks!


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Re: Need Espionage Plot Hooks!


Hmm lets see

An old contact has information for you when you arrive they are dead/dying, and

1/you have to follow their cryptic clue to the villain and foul his plot

2/escape the murder raps with your organization having to disavow knowledge of you.

3/seek bloody vengeance on your friend’s killer.

4/the message was a warning about a campaign of assassination and they’re coming for you next.

5/it was all a trick to draw you out to trick you into obtaining an item for some ones nefarious purposes.


Something important has been stolen you need to get it back by what ever means necessary and your not the only one looking.

Its could be something dangerous, important to your national security, important to some one else’s national security, blackmail material, a doomsday weapon the plans for same or the scientist responsible for it, a kidnapped diplomat, some one vital to whatever daughter or an agent.


Some one dies mysteriously your sent to investigate and find more deaths and a plot to use a new weapon on someone/something vital to the national interest.


You’re drugged in a bar or restaurant now you have only a few hours to find the antidote.

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Re: Need Espionage Plot Hooks!


You’re drugged in a bar or restaurant now you have only a few hours to find the antidote.


Ahh, the good old DOA plotline.


If you want a few good espionage plot hook I would just read the news. There is so much going on now in current affairs that you could pick something up.

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Re: Need Espionage Plot Hooks!



* An armored car carrying state documents mysteriously disappears between point A and point B. Where did the vehicle disappear, and why?

* A marine is found dead outside a popular nightclub, with incriminating letters to a foreign power. If he was on the take, why are the papers on his body?

* A local irish pub is burned to the ground, and someone left 'The Saint' halocard and a name..."Smithe" (with an e).

* A Russian emigrant is in the hospital in a coma, victim of a mugging. The only thing they took was his coat.

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Re: Need Espionage Plot Hooks!


One of the agents is having a picnick lunch in a public park in . A storm moved through last night at city workers are removing a old oak that went down in the storm. The agent sees an old document bag tangled in the roots. A nook in the roots of that tree was used as a dead drop for a source that went off the active list 20 years ago. What's in the bag? A 20 year old cry for help? An urgent message in a personal code to the sources handler? I see this sparking a search for retired agents of both the east and west trying to put together the meaning of the cryptic message. The players would then have to stop/uncover a plot that has had 20 years to mature.


I used a similar hook to lead a group of B13 players to an alien ship that the german's discovered in ww2. the german expidition was still there. A drive malfuncton froze the area in time. This hook could also lead to a mole hunt, why did the source go silent. Who is afraid of this investigation.

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