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Using Champions villains in Dark Champions


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I was browsing through CKC, and I noticed a few villains in there that would be pretty good for use in Dark Champions after some tweaking: Warbird and Warpath from the Warlord's team; Scorpia and Ultrasonique from Eurostar; Bluejay from GRAB; Binder from the Ultimates; Black Harlequin; Blowtorch; Fenris; Foxbat; Lazer; Masquerade; Mirage; Shadowdragon; Thunderbird; Utility.


Has anyone used these villains in Dark Champions campaigns? How did they work out? Most of them look like they'd be fine with only a reduction in DEX, SPD, and defenses.

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Re: Using Champions villains in Dark Champions


In the Dark Champions Campaign I'm almost certain never to run, I was going to have a villain who was a Champions-class Brick, who had given up the spandex after being captured one time too many, and had instead turned to more conventional crimes.


He had the necessary qualifications to become a Made Man, and gradually worked his way up the heirarchy using his brains and contacts rather than his super powers. In fact, he's been doing his best to get everyone to forget he was ever that thug in the stupid costume.


Until the PCs crash the party, of course...

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