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Top Secret ISB org spy package deal


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Based on the assumptions in the Top Secret game system, here's my version of the ISB organization Spy Package deal. (Needs some refining).


ISB Spy Package

Cost Skill

2.....WF: Small Arms



8.....Languages (choose) <1>

6.....KS or SS: (choose) <2>

12....Martial Art maneuvers (choose) <3>

2.....KS: ISB Organiation

2.....KS: Spys

2.....KS: World Events

3.....Fringe Benefit: ISB Security Clearance

12....12 points in skills from current Bureau (choose) <4>


15....ISB, Watched 8-

20....ISB, Subject To Orders


Section 1 - Investigations Bureau: choose from Interrogation, Deduction, Criminology, Forensic Medicine, Shadowing, Bugging, Seduction, Computer Programming, Electronics.

Section 2 - Confiscation Bureau: choose from Lockpicking, Security Systems, Stealth, Concealment, Acrobatics, Breakfall, Contortionist, Background skill concerning objects of value

Section 3 - Assassination Bureau: choose from Weapon Familiarities, Combat Skill Levels, Concealment, Disguise, Demolitions, SS: Pharmacology/Toxicology, Stealth, Shadowing, Mechanics, Weaponsmith

Section 4 - Technical Bureau: choose from Bugging, Computer Programming, Deduction, Demolitions, Electronics, Lockpicking, Security Systems, Inventor, Science Skill, Mechanics, Weaponsmith

Section 5 - Infiltration Bureau: choose from Acting, Bribery, Bureaucratics, Conversation, Disguise, Persuasion, Mimicry, Seduction, Cramming


<1> Agents in Top Secret are multilingual, speaking 1 additional language for every 5 points of HERO INT above 10 (or fraction thereof).

<2> Agents in Top Secret have 1 Science, Knowledge, or other Background skill in the 12- to 14- skill range for every 2 points of HERO INT. These support the character's current or past occupation and interests, including KS: Art & Culture, SS: Transportation Engineering, KS: Physical Education, KS: Military World, etc.

<3> Agents in Top Secret with Martial Arts were given access to Swordplay, Knife Fighting, Boxing, Judo, or Martial Arts (general). This can be simulated with Fencing, Sevillian Knife Fighting, Boxing (Modern), Jujutsu, or Generic Martial Arts from UMA.

<4> Agents typically belong to a bureau, like divisions in a company, which defines their place in the mission. (IE in Mission Impossible, Barney was Technical Bureau, Roland Hand was Infiltration Bureau, etc.)

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Re: Top Secret ISB org spy package deal


There was also a Special Ops branch in one of the Dragon magazines, IIRC, which was available after spending time in 2 or 3 other branches (ie buying the skills from those branches). Apparently it was meant to represent the James Bond level spies...

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