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On Upcoming Releases: Dark Champions and the law?


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I was wondering if there were any plans to include in some book something similar to the wonderful section on the law, the US constitution, government and superheroes, and other such elements that appeared in the old version of Dark Champions. I really found myself missing that section, even as a Canadian player when much of the material was on the American constitution, when going through the new DC book. DC: TAS doesn't seem like the book to cover it, so I'm assuming it won't show up there.

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Re: On Upcoming Releases: Dark Champions and the law?


There's a brief section on that subject in Champions Universe, and that's probably all I'll have to say on the subject unless some book comes along that really lends itself to the subject -- if for no other reason than I don't have the time to update the research. ;) In any event, since the DC line generally doesn't feature overtly superhuman beings, anything written on that subject wouldn't be appropriate for it -- it'd go in a Champions book.

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Re: On Upcoming Releases: Dark Champions and the law?


Clearly the government would prefer that law enforcement be left to the police! Vigilantes both in fiction and in real lfie have very bad relatiosnhips with the government, to the point that msot are wanted crin\minals themselves. With good reason -- histrocial vigialte groups have a long hisotry of getting the wrong man, administering their rough justice to people who didn;t deserve it (often along ethnic, racial, or religious lines) and generally being as bad if not worse than the criminals they fight.


Harbinger certainly qulaifies under this description; when the first edition of Dark Champions came out and it was noted just how many people he had killed over the years it becomes obvious that someone like him would be an even bigger public enemy than the criminals he fights, especially if he starts to have trouble distinguishing friend from foe and innocents start to suffer. And killing a criminal is just as much murder as killing an innocent civilian -- that;s why gangland kilers are prosecuted so severly even if they only kill other gangsters.


Another thing to remember when thinking an\bout vigilates and the law (and why you don;t want to see a lot of such activity iny oru city) is that everyone has someone who would miss them if they were gone, and the law recongizes this. The Crips or Bloods gang member gunned down in the projects by rival gangstas left behind a family that, even if he was nasty and cruel, will miss him terribly, whether its his parents or he had children of his own. That's why it doesn't matter really who you killed or why -- murder is still murder, even if your intentions were "noble". You may think the world is better off now that the criminal you killed is dead, but HIS family and friends certainly won't see it that way!

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