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Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.


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Hello all. I need help naming a violent enviornmentalist supervillian team I am making. I don't want to go too deep into the members or their abilities since a couple of my players frequent these boards and would look, and that would ruin the surprise.

The only thing I can safely say is that they are led by a druid type and they act much like eco-terrorists, attacking pollutors and such to stop their 'despoiling" of the land.



I don't even have any ideas. So any ideas would be great.




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Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.


In our campaign we have GreenWar, a violent splinter faction of Greenpeace. They use terroristic methods, including kidnapping and assassinations of "polluters" and destroying manufacturing facilities. While they are not supervillains in our game, they've hired supers as agents in the past and could easily be rewritten to be a villain group. In our campaign they're the most vicious terrorist group in Europe, having killed dozens of people. Here's a press release from our campaign's newsletter, the Weekly Globe Enquirer:


Sept 22, 2003


GreenWar Sabotage Claims 16 Lives in Barcelona

Thousands Evacuated from Nearby Residences


Madrid, Spain - The eco-terrorist group known as GreenWar has claimed responsibility for a chemical plant explosion and subsequent fire in Barcelona, Spain yesterday. In addition to 16 confirmed deaths and over 200 injuries, mostly burns and chemical inhalation, there are still 7 people unaccounted for. This is the third such explosion at a European chemical plant in the past seven weeks, and counter terrorism experts are concerned at this latest trend by the radical environmental group. In the ten years since GreenWar announced itself as a radical splinter group of Greenpeace, attacks by the group have caused over 2000 casualties and over $17.2 billion in property damage.


"Traditionally, GreenWar has gone after petroleum refineries, heavy industrial works, and nuclear power facilities. These types of facilities traditionally have fairly good security. But these new types of targets are much 'softer'. Yesterday's attack on a pharmaceutical facility is a departure from their previous pattern, and could indicate a complete shift in their tactics," said noted counter-terrorism expert Gerhardt Baum of Germany's elite GSG-9. "And the fact that we have been unable to ascertain the method used to create these explosions is a troubling development in and of itself. Some of my colleagues feel this may prove that GreenWar has managed to acquire paranormal help. If you'll recall, GreenWar worked with the supervillain group Force 10 back in 2000 in a foiled attempt to destroy a Norwegian nuclear power plant. Even though Force 10 later denounced this attack and claimed they were duped by GreenWar, this incident shows GreenWar has a prior history of working with paranormal criminals. While their willingness to utilize paranormals to accomplish their political goals is disturbing enough, the worst case would of course be if paranormals were to actively join GreenWar. That prospect is absolutely terrifying.â€

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Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.




Mother's Tears (as in 'Mother Earth')


Silent Spring (as in the 1970s conservationist book of the same name; when all the birds are extinct, every spring will be a silent one)




Chalice Well (ancient healing spring in Glastonbury, England)


Parliament of Trees


Hand of Sulis (Gaelic goddess and patron of the springs)


If not useful, I hope these are at least entertaining.

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Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.


Great idea for a villain team this. They could have some great concepts, and are ideal as morally ambiguous villains whose aims characters might sympathise with while decrying their methods. I like the Silent Spring suggestion so far (it is very suggestive of the rage that would drive the moral compromises that would make them villains in the end), though I think a more villainous twist is the Violent Spring (hey, who said supervillains had to be good at making up names?). ;)

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Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.


Monkey Wrench Gang, after the Edward Abbey book that advocated destruction of machinery.


There are several real world group names for radical organizations that you might convert: Sea Shepherd Society, Earth Liberation Front, Earth First!, etc.


(All of this coming from an Earth First!-er... who just today taught his students what tree spiking is)

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Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.


With a Druid in charge, I would make the name pagany and "high-minded" sounding, the sort of name that could very well belong to a benevolent organization. They will consider themselves the good guys after all, and so will many others. Worldmaker's use of Gaea, rather than its alternative Gaia, also gives a new-agey feel that could be appropriate. I would also make the name suggest militance somewhat.


For instance: Wardens of Gaea

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Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.


A team like this would be most entertaining if it started off essentially as good guys who strayed to the 'dark side'. The name of such a team would really depend on how far along that path they were, but also on the outlook of the team of PC's that they are to confront. Imagine if you will a team of corporate agents. Even the most benign of super-powered defenders of the environment is likely to appear malevolent to a team like this, so the villains of the piece could easily have the most innocuous of names. A name like Violent Spring as I put forward above strikes me as being one appropriate to more self-consciously villainous villains (deeper into the dark side in other words), and so I think it would be a good name for a team of villains in a more 4-colour campaign, in which they were to be more obviously villainous. ;)

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Re: Need help naming Enviornmentalist team.


John couldn't use my idea, so I am posting it in case anyone else has a simillar need.


Don't smack me, but how about The Planeteers!

Don't make it obvious to your players, but think about it . . .

It has been 15 years.

Pollution is worse than ever.

Industrialists are in control of many governments.

The positive message that they were putting forth as teens has never made any impact at all.

As they reach their early 30's the group decides to put down the plowshares and pick up the swords!

Time has also increased their power, to the point where each of them can hold their own in a super-fight.

They don't summon Captain Planet anymore, because he doesn't agree with their methods.

But since their individual powers have grown, they don't really need him anymore.

You can design them as a fairly powerful "elemental" team: Earth Air Wind Water with the addition of a Mentalist.

A pretty powerful combination.

"Heart" has become "Heartsick" "Heartbroken" "Heart Attack", something much darker.

He doesn't make people love each other any more, he teaches them about the pain they are inflicting on the Earth.

They may have been a joke in the past, but with 15 years of XP under their belts, and a much darker attitude, they could be a force to be reckoned with.

Just think of an Iron Age version of the original Planeteers, and you should do fine.

Also, you will want to change the name of the group.

Keep it a secret who exactly they are for a while.

Just make them a five person team with the four elements and a mentalist, and at some crucial point in the plot, let your heroes realize who they are fighting.

If you want to have some sort of epic ending to the cycle, have the heroes figure out a way to actually summon Captain Planet. Bottled up for years, and feeling very betrayed, he could give them quite a fight.



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