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FH - Spell Question

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First off let me explain that I do not own FH, but I own the Grimoire for other reasons.


There is a paragraph in the Grimoire that states.


All Attack spells must take the -1/2 Spell limintation from FH page 246.


Could someone please tell me what this limitation is.


I need to know if I should continue to use it or if I need to rework every Attack spell in the book.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: FH - Spell Question


It is an optional limitation that has to do with the ground rules that most magic systems use. For instance you can not usually use martial arts with most spells. A lot of optional combat modifiers are not normally part of spells (Blaze away, Rapid fire, Snap shot, etc.) Normally Fantasy Hero campaigns do not allow for spells to be used for multiple power attacks. You have to study, or at least make the pretense, to rationalize your use of spells.


The (-1/2) limitation is used for most spells to indicate that they have these inherent limitations. Unusual spells that are not subject to these limitations should either not have this limitation or have a reduced version if only partially limited.

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Re: FH - Spell Question


Yea, but that's more of a special effects issue. The Spell limitation is primarily for taking away some of the options you'd usually have for attack powers.


You can have spells that don't need to have the Spell limitation, although I know it sounds weird. For example, spells that let you see in the dark or shapechange or heal wounds wouldn't need the limitation, but would still be cancelled by an anti-magic field of some sort.

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