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36 minutes ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

NT: Petey the Stone Cold Penguin (Mascot of the sport of Curling) couldn't get in to see any of the Olympic events live after all. What does he do with his time while stranded in Tokyo for 21+ days?


Hire out as a fetish object model for some anime project.

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2 hours ago, Asperion said:

NT: Best place to wait out the end of the universe.


Dr. C's Irish Whiskey & Mud Wrasslin' Emporium


New Topic: Why did the VIPER Agent cross the road?

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1 hour ago, Asperion said:

NT: What is VIPER'S latest plan and how will it fail?


Kidnap one of the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance and replace with a VIPER robot constructed to look like an exact duplicate. The robot is to be programmed with a series of dance moves that will have a hypnotic effect on the audience, rendering them susceptible to mind control. The plan ultimately fails because the agents in charge of constructing and programming the robot can't dance any better than they can do anything else.

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