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NGD Scenes from a Hat


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On 9/5/2021 at 9:19 AM, Asperion said:

NT: It's been declared that category 5 isn't strong enough for our latest round of storms.  As a result,  a new classification system is needed,  what should this new system be?


The Spinal Tap scale. It goes to 11.


New Topic: In a "Back From The Cosmic Depression" promotion, the legendary world of Magrathea is giving away one custom-built planet -- and you're the winner. What are you ordering?

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2 hours ago, Cancer said:

The prototype for Dr. C's Instant Potato Roaster and Neutron Irradiation Unit!


Sounds convenient. I'll take three.



3 hours ago, Asperion said:

NT: Crazy new invention for your home (crazier the better)🤡


Glow-in-the-dark reversible underpants. 

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53 minutes ago, Cancer said:

NT: Things Cancer should promise the students in his algebra-based mechanics class that starts next week.

That he will not release a full basket of live rattlesnakes into the classroom on Finals Day. He is not obligated in any way to keep this promise.


NT: Subtle signs that the leader of your nation is actually five snakes in a pantsuit.

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