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NGD Scenes from a Hat


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Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat


"And now ye'll be wearin' the French maid outfit and talkin' like Jean Lafitte."


NT: Ships ye'll be especially lookin' to plunder.


SS Trump


Instead of walking the plank, strolling the deck.


NT: Worse things than sharks waiting for you in the water after you walk the plank


Davy Jones, ARRRR


NT: How super Heroes be a'celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat


William Turner(jr.)... Adventurer, swashbuckler and romantic lead. yes. Pirate? No that sissy boy couldn't fake being a real pirate. ;)


NT: The best reasons to be a pirate


All those men alone at sea and no woman for miles.





























what ?

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