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NGD Scenes from a Hat

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It involves Rush Limbaugh, Roseanne Barr, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, quick drying cement and a pair of oranges

Sam the Eagle, for the one comment, "All of you are werid."

Forty-seven immaculately dressed rich twits who in the on-camera aftermath of enjoying a haggis-and-ale feast, simultaneously scream "I ate WHAT?!?" and bolt for a place to puke after being told what

Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat


Your Congreesman is Adam LaRoche


NT: Now that Talk Like A Pirate Day is past, what other special holidays would you like to see?


Service Workers Amnesty Day, the day on which all retail and food service workers are permitted to tell stupid customers that they are, in fact, stupid without reprisals.


NT: How superheroes celebrate their favorite holiday.

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