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NGD Scenes from a Hat

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It involves Rush Limbaugh, Roseanne Barr, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, quick drying cement and a pair of oranges

Sam the Eagle, for the one comment, "All of you are werid."

Forty-seven immaculately dressed rich twits who in the on-camera aftermath of enjoying a haggis-and-ale feast, simultaneously scream "I ate WHAT?!?" and bolt for a place to puke after being told what

Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat


NT: Sitcoms that are better when the lead roles are played by the Scooby Gang


The Simpsons - Fred as Homer, Daphne as Marge, Shaggy as Bart, Velma as Lisa, and Scooby as Maggie.


"And I'd have gotten away with it to if it weren't for those med-diddly-eddling kids!"

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Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat


NT: New competitions between the US and Europe or between the US and anybody else.


Here in the Megatoxic Megatonnage derby, we're in the early stages of the Twenty-First Century's national Defile Your Environment contest. Russia continues to pull old Soviet-era excesses into light to prop up their scoresheet, while China's burning their (and Australia's) coal reserves at a rate that should exhaust both in about 30 years, while the US has a shot at defiling a quarter million square kilometers of near-virgin tundra in north Alaska by opening the oil spigots there.

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