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More space news!

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Re: More space news!


If you have a 'scope that lets you see M101, then there's lots of images you can use just by google.


There's this one, too.


Smaller telescopes will be harder, but probably the Variable Star Plotter from AAVSO (here) may help ... you need to type in "SN 2011fe" in the name box at the top (and if you forget the space it can't find it in its database). Play around with the options. You will have to know your telescope to get a chart that's useful for you: how big the field is, whether it inverts (most do), whether you're using a CCD or just eyeball, etc.

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Re: More space news!


They need about three billion US$ more' date=' I think, and will be four years behind schedule ...[/quote']


I read recently it's more like $8 billion.



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