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I've noticed a few comments on the "graininess" of Hero in lower powered heroic campaigns. I suppose an example of this can be seen when looking at the Strength Table. I lists scored that end in 0, 3, 5, or 8 and leave a little to the imagination when considering the differences between say Str 11 or Str 12. I havn't seen a breakdown of this anywhere (so please excuse me if I'm pointing out something obvious) so I'll pitch in 2¢.


The progression is given as +5 pts. equals +100% effect and looking at the Strength chart, the Lift(kg) column specifically, strength ending in 3 or 8 fall about half way between the scores ending in 0 or 5 (+50%). I once figured out a nice little formulae to fill in the gaps for scores ending in 1, 2, or 4. The formulae to calculate Lift(kg) for Strength is 100kg x 2^((Str/5) - 2). Using this to calculate for Strength scores from 10 to 15 (I picked this range because it directly corresponds to percentages) you get the following results:










From this you can get the following:










Taking this one can fill in the Strength Table thus:




6______58_____1d6+1____1 1/6"

7______65_____1d6+1____1 1/3"___<-- Could use 1d6+2 here, but that's

8______75_____1½d6______1½"_______probably better than 1½d6.

9______88_____2d6-1______1¾"_______1 1/3d6 (1d6+1d2) maybe.


11____115_____2d6+1____2 1/6"

12____130_____2d6+1____2 1/3"



15____200______3d6 _______3"

16____230_____3d6+1____3 1/6"

17____260_____3d6+1____3 1/3"





Well, it was fun fiddling anyway.

Aargh!! One day I need to learn to format columns on this board.

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Re: Graininess


My main issue with graininess is to do with resolution rather than lifting limits. It annoys me that you have to be twice as intelligent or twice as dexterous before it affects your ability to accomplish a skill. But this is easily fixed. I like to use CHAR/3 for all skill rolls - after all, it's used for combat, why should non-combat skills be different. If you were running Heroic level and wanted even more graininess, there's no reason why (with a little tweaking) you couldnt use CHAR/2. Gotta love the Toolkit, adjustable spanners and all... :)

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Re: Graininess


Well, if you really want graininess in resolution, and you don't mind tweaking ;) , you might consider Erol K. Brayburt's conversion of HERO Characteristic, Skill and Combat Rolls to percentiles, aka Percentage HERO. The probabilities are essentially the same as with the standard system, but this way every point of a Characteristic will improve a character's chance to succeed.

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Re: Graininess


At least for STR I second the use of the Ultimate Brick. The UB also goes into damage from STR and gives each +1 STR an effect on damage.


That said, I agree that there is a certain graininess to HERO. However, many games have this same graininess and many times things are overlooked in HERO.


Take D&D for example 3-18 right. Not really because you only get modifiers to go up on the even digit so what you really have is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. 9 numbers. Now as you said with HERO you get 0, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20 9 numbers.


Also, the effect of a +1 STR can effect PD and REC. A +1 DEX can effect when you go into combat and I have started using the rule that when characters are tied in DEX they use INT so that +1 in INT can have an effect.+1 in EGO and or PRE can have a huge effect on what kind mental abilities effect you. I have had players buy an 11 EGO just for this reason.


Now I want to bring one thing up. Normal Character Maxima. NCM. 20 is not the max human score. Some humans go above 20. 20 is the point at which you start paying double and in many heroic level campaigs that double can be sooooo worth it.


Take your STR for instance. If I pay doule and get that 25 STR. That means I am doing 1d6 more damage than anyone else. I have often thought of paying the 20 extra points for the Speed of 5. Yes, it is a lot, but wow. It means I am going one time more than anyone else.


Yes, there is graininess. Not so much more than any other game and when you really look into the details you can find that a lot of that graininess goes away.

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Re: Graininess


Oops. I don't have the Ultimate Brick. Nice to know its already been done. Anyhow, I actually did these calculations back in 1995 when all I had was Hero 4th.


I noticed Phil mentions useing CHAR/3 or even CHAR/2 for Skill rolls. Anybody applying that in an active game? Good results?

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