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Modern Bows and Accessories?


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Re: Modern Bows and Accessories?


Hi All,


I apologise if I'm missing something, but are there not rules fro bows in Fantasy Hero?


I assume said rules are compatable with Dark Champions.


I would like to hear from anyone who knows different as I was intending to use those rules for my own games.


However, MacBean, you may wish to check out this thread-






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Re: Modern Bows and Accessories?


Bows are indeed talked about in FH. Listed on pg 166 and talked about on page 170. Most of the rules for custom weapons and add ons for guns talked about in DC would be very appropriate to bows. Modern bows would do slightly more damage than archaic bows, and have a slightly reduced STR min for compound bows (for example a 50 pound compound has only a 25 to 30 pound break).


Some gadgets available for modern bows include:

Telescopic sights

Laser Sights



Custom Triggers

special quivers

and special arrows (target, hunting, whiffle, fishing, blunts, etc...)


I was once told by a history professor that I used to bow hunt with that if Native Americans had bows with todays technology back in the day....we would all be living on the European continent...


I hope all this helps

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Re: Modern Bows and Accessories?


That would definitely make for an interesting alternate history setting! ;)


By and large, I suspect the bow rules from FH coupled with the firearms accessories gear from DC could cover most modern bows well enough for most games. But I'm willing to be convinced otherwise if I ever run across a really good reference source on the subject and have the time to work something up. ;) Unfortunately the only book I have on the subject is about a dozen years old, and not all that informative to boot. But I'll keep my eyes open. :hex:

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