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Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

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I wish to ask for a bit of tolerance up front:  While I generally try to put in as little set-up as possible (believing that if it was really noteworthy, it shouldn't need much help), but this time th

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


Copying it and then applying her own knowledge' date=' skills, instincts, reaction time... that, and meshing your collective skills?[/quote']


Maybe ... I mostly saw it more as 'one more in a long line of omnipotent NPCs that exist for no other reason than playing one-upsmanship and doing everything for the PCs so he can keep the plot on railroads'.

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


Eberron-based campaign world:


Half-orc woman commenting on the "slinky" dress purchased by a party member for a party held by gnomes:

"You must be this tall to ride."


After being shown into the Royal Mage's sanctum, from his apprentice to another party member:

"There's no giggling in the wizard's tower."


In response to the flavor-text description of the decorations at an Embassy party:

"There's crepe everywhere!"


In the middle of a massive fight in a lightning rail (i.e. train) station, where the train is about to leave, our wizard-type steps up to the ticket booth and completely deadpan goes (as if the huge brawl behind him isn't even happening):


"I'd like 7 tickets to Karnath."


Later in the same fight, when the bat swarms show up and engulf the half-orc:


"I have bat lighting!"


From party member, after it was pointed out how they weren't supposed to tell anyone about the job they just finished for a secret society:

"Aw, but we already had the t-shirts made!"

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


Here is the setup...


Hammer called Prime to tell him about spotting a creature that looked just like him but is black instead of orange... Prime speaks with the Knight about possibly helping track down the black creature then turns down the Knight's help when the Knight makes a joke about skewering the black creature and barbecuing him...


Prime then decides he might need some help from the Knight, if his pursuit of the black creature takes a turn for the worst... so after some thought he tells Adam, the group's combat computer to call the Knight if there is trouble...


"Send the Knight if you hear something on the communicator like, 'Oh the pain, the pain, its unbearable' or maybe if you hear 'Its killed Hammer and its starting to eat him' or something else like that."

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


More random strangeness from Robert Harrison's Neon Labyrinth:


"Hatchimoto is sort of like a Reagenesque figure without the charisma. *pause* That doesn't leave much, does it?"


GM: Do you have Combat Driving?

PC: Oh, hell no!


My character versus a band of rat ninja:

Hit Location 4 (head), for 6 BODY (doubles to 12, not quite instant decapitation)

Hit Location 5 (head), for 9 BODY (doubles to 18, instant decapitation!)


We joked about the Lady Snowblood-ish sprays of high-pressure blood.

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


From out first Pulp Hero session last night:


"I have Physical Limitation: Unconscious and tied to the back of an elephant."


"And they have those knives with the wavy blades, the ones that give you +5 to a Presence Attack."


"You never know when a book might eat you.'


To the British archaeologist: "You're standing in a bloody pentagram."

Response: "Bloody hell!"


"Do you go around the elephant?"

"He had two swords. He can go through the elephant!"

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


The games for this week for me were full of great quotes.


Star Trek


To upgrade the shields you’re rolling 87 times. Suck it up. – GM


You bombard it with Gamma radiation and it emits Tachions? Holly S*#t this system is messed up.


He broke down his own shields….Impressive.


The game can’t continue I’m still rolling.


I’m sure Watson’s is interested about the alien ship but he is still rolling for the shields.


This is Star Trek all you need to do is mention Tackions and it works.


What do you think this is MY game? - Player


I just got done with the shield its uber now. – Player

The shields are down- GM



You can’t use the blebtey blupes to fix the shields. But socket wrenches are immune. - GM

I can recalibrate the fields with a socket wrench. – Player


Isn’t Vacuum damage funny?


Is your cargo secure Captain? – PC Captain

Yes sir. It’s in the cargo hold, and the bridge, and the crew quarters, and in my room, and the bath room. – NPC Captain


He has a bad case of death.


I have brain slugs. I keep working.


Ponfar always happens during fall sweep season.


Your immune because you’re an elf err…. I mean Vulcan.


We need a lot of salt STAT!


This is what you get for randomly telepisising people.


I don’t want to devolve. I don’t know what a test-tube baby would turn in to.


If you quarantine my cargo I get to drive this s*&$ rocket forever.


My nanites are eating my hands. STOP IT!


I started my own virus. YES!!!!


If I mess up I kill 2 PC’s. Sounds like fun.


I gave them EVA suites to avoid the death.




Of course I was expecting a Piranha encounter it’s the f*&^%$# Amazon.


This combat took so long my hair grew.

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


Is your cargo secure caption? – PC Caption

Yes sir. It’s in the cargo hold, and the bridge, and the crew quarters, and in my room, and the bath room. – NPC Caption

Ooh, gaming for the deaf! We've gone from Captains to captions! :snicker:




Still, feel bad for the guy who was fixin' the shields.

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


There were a lot of ones from various games this weekend; some of them were a bit...risque, and I'll try to make sure they can make it past the censors. :)



Champions Game


"And the geek shall inherit the Earth."






"Yeah, he's really an anomaly wrapped in an enigma."


"Uhm...considering I saw Dr. Anomaly and Enigma coming out of the same bedroom this morning before breakfast, you might want to think about choosing a different turn of phrase for that problem..."



Teen Champions


"I didn't fall over because I have a very low center of gravity."


"You do? How low?"


"The center of the Earth."






"Wait a minute! You're a Buddist monk...who knows about baseball?!?"



Dark Conspiricy-esque Game


Travis: "Somehow, I never thought that planning out my wedding would end up including deciding on what kinds of tortures myself and my bride would be performing on each other for the audience of wedding guests."


Dan: "Travis, there's a reason most would refer to your fiance's people as dark elves..."






Travis: "Dan, considering I'm the one who just zinged Terry, would you please explain to me how I came out on the losing end of that conversation?"


Terry: "It's simple...I'm a woman, which means I have t*ts."


Travis: "Well, I'm a man, which means that I have..."


Dan: "Travis, unlike poker, this is a game where a Pair beats an Ace High Straight."






"Who would have guessed that a being capable of assuming any shape imaginable would turn out to be a sex fiend?"

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...








"Hey Lisa, it's Seth. No game today."


"Why not?"


"Well, Mary and Rob are out of town and Jim is sick. Thay would just leave you for a player and I'm not going to solo roleplay Palmer's Valentine's Day date with Mr Mayhem."


"Why not?"


"Well, Palmer is kinda slutty and my wife will be home."

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


From last night's Dark Guardians' Champions game...


GM: "Okay, recap from last time. Midnight and Shade are stuck in a room with a bunch of Satanists who are pumping poison gas into the room and neither one can teleport out. Well, actually, Midnight can't teleport out because of the magic, and Shade can't teleport out because she's unconscious on the floor with some guy's face in her cleavage."


(on Qurria'al and Touchstone getting ready to take an elevator down into a Satanists' pit)

GM: *points to Qurria'al* "Okay, he's taking the handbasket to hell..."

*then points to Touchstone, who's going to wait for Qur'rial to get there and then teleport down*

GM: "And he's waiting for the express trip."


(Midnight and Shade are still trapped, and the other PCs are outside trying to get in past the mooks on guard and the sealed door)

Whisper: "No problem, I'm a ninja! I'll just take a flying leap and kick the door down!"

(not so hot roll later...)

GM to Midnight: "You hear a faint thud on the other side of the door..."


(Midnight has just dived down the hole after the escaping Satanist head honcho, and lands in his office just as he's got out a big, ugly staff that is about to release some really nasty spell)

GM: "Okay, he's about to clobber you, because he's chanting. And not like his mooks were doing, that whole-"

*affects a deep, melodramatic voice*

GM: "We are chanting because it sounds impressive, and you know we're summoning something terrible!" kind of chanting..."

*drops his voice back to normal*

GM: "This is much quieter, and much faster, and it's aimed at you."

Michelle: "What the hell is he going to aim at? I'm invisible to Sight, Mental, Danger Sense, Combat Sense, Spatial Awareness, how the hell is he going to even know I'm there?"

GM: "Well, the door opening when you fell through it would be his first clue, and the sound of you hitting the hard wooden highbacked chair of his on impact would be the second."

Michelle (IC): "Oh, f***ing hell." *just as the spell goes off*


(on the head honcho escaping, and Whisper not quite being fast enough to follow Midnight as she leaps after him)

Whisper: "I missed it?! I was right there!"

*turns to the mook that he bodyslammed into the floor and starts kicking him*



(Midnight on surviving playing catch with the spell equivalent of a frag grenade)

Midnight: "I didn't die. That's a bonus!"


(Michelle takes a wild guess about where the Satanist's safe is - and guesses correctly that it's in the potted plant rather than behind the portrait on the wall, and promptly digs it up)

Midnight: "Can any of you open this thing?"

GM: "You're telling me that with all your stealth skills, you never learned how to crack a safe?"

Midnight: "I'm a professional gambler, I'm using to WINNING money, not stealing it."


(Whisper makes a knockout roll and gets the safe open, at which point Midnight takes all the money out of it - about $100k - and heads for the casino floor)

Touchstone: "Midnight, I'm shocked! You're not planning on gambling with that, are you?"

Midnight: "Of course not!"

*Midnight takes a quick moment to clean up then strolls out on the casino floor with a winning smile and starts handing out hundred dollar bills to each of the casino patrons*

Midnight: "Compliments of the manager, Thomas Davidson, as the casino will now be closing. Permanently."


(on Midnight playing catch with the spell-equivalent of a frag grenade and looking it)

Whisper to Midnight: "Follow some lady to the bathroom, knock her out, take her clothes, then go back out onto the casino floor. That's what any real superhero would do!"


Touchstone: "So what should we do with the safe?"

Midnight: "Leave it on Primus' doorstep and let the cops figure it out."


(on what everyone's doing in the casino)

GM: *to Touchstone* "You've found a printing press..."

*points to Midnight*

GM: "You're handing out a bunch of money..."

*points to Qurria'al*

GM: "And you've found a bunch of cops."


(after we've nearly wrecked the casino dealing with the Satanists)

Vice (the base computer) calls Touchstone over the radio: "Captain Touchstone, police reports of a disturbance at the casino."

Midnight *overhearing the conversation*: "We ARE the disturbance, Vice..."

Touchstone: "... but thanks for letting us know."


(on the counterfeit money we found)

John (OOC): "Imagine the anti-counterfeit measures in Champions, like you press on the president's face and it says something like, 'This is not an unfake bill.'"

RC: "Only if the president in Champions is Bush."

John: "Actually, if it were Bush, when you put your thumb over his face and press, it'd say something like 'Mmmfph mmmpb mmmh mmmpfb.'"


(on Qurria'al terrorizing the cops outside)

Touchstone: "Oh, all right, I'll go outside and see what the problem is."

*Touchstone wanders outside and finds the cops cringing in terror from the seven-foot half-demon, who's looking rather bemused by the whole thing*

Cops: "Oh! Touchstone! Thank God! Could you please take that... that... that someplace else? And maybe find a leash or something?"





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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


Playing a Champions Chinatown game. One player's Draco had a hunted named Thunder (Martial artist big attack was his "Thunder Kick" a Hearing Flash Kick with incants) More times than I can remember Draco says "Silent Tiger what is a THUNDER beeeeeeeeeeeep".

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


My PBEM player is a masochist of the first order. The more trouble you heap on him the happier he is. I've been throwing him in the deep end and stepping on his character's lims hard for years. It makes for a happy gamer. In this game I've gone into overdrive with it because he's basically screaming "sock it to me, baby!" Today, in response to the turn I sent out on Friday, I received an interim mail that, after telling me his response was on the way, read: "Dave, you're a total bastard."


I've worked years for that compliment; my sense of accomplishment is now complete.

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Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...




Can you give us some more background specifically what you did ?


It was far less than I suspected, truth be told. His character has Unrequitted Love for Countess X, Oath of Fealty: Countess X, Code of Chivalry, and Rivalry Countess X's Husband, Social Limitation: Bastard, and Reputation: Paper Baron and Bastard Knight. Since the opening of the game the rivalry and the fact that he's in love with his liege have been played up on both of our parts. And the character has turned out to be religious and is struggling with both his desire to eliminate the husband and his passion for another man's wife in a big way.


However, he's just been elevated to be a Baron and is now leagues away from the Countess' Castle. He has three or four other immediate problems on his plate, and knows that, with the Countess in the running for the throne, that she is in the center of the intrigue swirling around the upcoming succession crisis. He isn't very well established and cannot afford to do anything stupid if he's to do his job. Now, in one post he learned Countess X's husband struck her during a major row they had over his appointment as baron and received two letters from her (I wrote both before starting the scene, but he played right into it):


1) very formal and businesslike - but it informs him she will be wintering at one of her more out of the way holdings (political reasons), but its also very close to the place he will be going to purchase horses for the troop he is raising. He deduced the political reasons with impressive exactness, but also made a deal about the character wishing she was going there to facilitate a romantic liaison with him (and also did the self-flaggelation thing over such sinful thoughts!).


Then he gets...


2) very personal - informs him of the row, but not the blow - and that her husband has withdrawn to one of his manors until spring. In it she mentions that the upper crust has been propogating some scandalous rumors about how he got his new post and muses that she wishes they were true. She also asks if he remembers the old garden bench (which is where they shared their only doomed kiss the day before her wedding six years before).




I haven't seen his reply, but between his Code of Chivalry and Oath of Fealty and Religious streak, and his Passionate Unrequitted Love and near violent Rivalry with the husband- the character is being twisted around like taffy. And the player knows it. He's really into the story and I have a feeling he's been pacing. Does he ride off to challenge the husband to a duel (imagine how that would look with all those rumors swirling about)? Does he leave the husband be, but fall prey to temptation when he goes to buy horses and fall from grace leading to massive self-hatred and angst? And what if the duel breaks out after he (presumably) cuckolds the husband? Can he truly feel like the good guy if he wins?


Its all so... Soap Opera!


The logs can be found at the link in the Chronicles of Counter Harn thread in the Fantasy Hero Forum.

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