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God of War: Kratos conversion (discuss)

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Had an idea while playing God of War last night that Kratos might make one interesting Hero character so I started jotting down notes and such. I'd like to get some feed back from you guys on what you think as well as what should be added and such. I will post the completed character sheet when I've got everything worked out.


So far:


Chosen of Olympus:

Medusa-Entangle, Takes no dmg from attacks

Zeus-Lightning EB, range based on Str, Beam, maybe Auto Fire

Artimus(sp?)-AoE Electricity, Hole in the middle


Rage of the Gods:

1 Charge (time recovery)

Aid 3d6 Str and Pre maybe Spd Simultaneous, Visible

Might change this to a flat stat bonus


Blades of Chaos x2

Hand Killing attack; was thinking maybe something along the lines of extra modifier or something when you get hit over multiple phases, not sure though

Stretching 3 or 4 inches

Some type of TK or something to simulate pulling people out of the air




Whats everyone elses take or ideas :)

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