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Champions Universe question

Space Cadet

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I just got my copy of Champions Universe today, and I couldn't

help but notice the part where it mentions the first appear-

ance of superhumans taking place in 1938. My question is this:

would this part of the Champions Universe history preclude

the existence of a superhuman who gained his powers at an

earlier point in time -- say, for example, the mid-1870s?


Space Cadet :confused:

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Since this isn't a rules question, I've moved it to the "Champions" board.


Yes, what you're referring to would mean that in the official continuity, there aren't any true superpowered individuals prior to 1938. There could still be costumed heroes, but they'd have to rely on skills, gadgetry/science, and limited abilities rather than outright superpowers. For example, you could have (as the CU timeline references) someone like Hawley Griffin (the Invisible Man, whose powers result from science and are somewhat limited and problematic for him) or Sherlock Holmes (whose "powers" are all highly-developed skills), but not the Invisible Girl.

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