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It's good to be home :)

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Woot! After a couple of hiccups, I can officially say I'm back!


For the curious, my own HERO Page is slowly growing. The main attraction is still my editorial about the differences between 4th & 5th Edition, located HERE. Post any suggestions/comments here, or send 'em via the email link at the bottom of the page I finally relented and added (and have gotten 3 pieces of junk mail at... :rolleyes: )


Hopefully everyone else starts coming back soon :)

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I saw your sumary in an earlier incarnation. I agree with the actually rules differences yuo have cited (ie, I think it is a good comprehensive list of the major system differences). I disagree on some of your opinions of which were good or bad, but that is why they are called opinions, right? heh. Nice job on the list.


- Ernie

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