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Woodpecker shown flying with weasel on its back in amateur photographer's amazing image http://www.itv.com/news/2015-03-02/incredible-image-shows-weasel-flying-on-woodpeckers-back/

A Game as Literary Tutorial Dungeons & Dragons Has Influenced a Generation of Writers http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/14/books/dungeons-dragons-has-influenced-a-generation-of-writers.html?pagewan

Great Archived Threads, #2:   AlHazred's great, great Populate a Creepy Hotel thread

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Whatever happened to Jar Jar Binks? Look here.

Which succinctly illustrates why George Lucas should not have inserted this Stepin Fetchit clone into the Star Wars Galaxy in the first place. Although people forget wjhat a technical accomplishment bringing Jar Jar into the film was as a CGI character, paving a way for much better characters like the brilliant Gollum of the LOTR trilogy.


The franchise needed to bring Andy Serkis in a lot sooner, and the new trilogy needs to give him more to do. We know absolutely nothing about Snoke other than his being an evil, corrupting presence in the former Empire. IS he insidious or overwhelmingly powerful? Is he confined to a specific location for some reason, or can he go wherever he wants? Is he really as big as his hologram?.


Mind you, casting Serkis in the part (gifted though he is) would not have saved Jar Jar. Jar Jar was a bad idea to begin with -- the only thing he added to the films was the presence of an unfunny comic-relief whipping boy with offensive racial overtones.

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