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The Catholic Church's Super Team-The Virtues


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Re: The Catholic Church's Super Team-The Virtues


And chance of HD files for these heroes, and for the Deadlies (or whatever you decide to call the Sins).


Sorry, are the attachments not working? I tried to put them in after posting the first time.


As for the Deadlies at the risk of sounding like a sleazey drug dealer ("The first hit's free, kid"), if I write them up, I'll probably see if Digital Hero wants them first. :o but you never know.

One possible interesting way to use these characters is to have a division of sorts in the Church that forces the various Virtues to make moral choices, which will come into conflict not only with their superiors but with each other as well.


Excellent idea, particularly for those wanting to run a 'good iron age' game (A 'bad Iron age' game would just have all the Church be corrupt period I think). Mind you, Intrigue laden games make me want to run away, but I know others who love them ;)

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Re: The Catholic Church's Super Team-The Virtues


Great stuff Hermit. I really like this team. I was wondering' date=' however, if you have the write-up done for Lady Brand, Charity's alter-ego?[/quote']


Alas, not yet. Mostly I envision Lady Brand having a lot more strength, a flaming hammer (which could be builts lots of different ways... perhaps Double KB and converting Damage to applying to ED instead) and some Psych limitations that are stereotypical to comic book mythological gods ("Relishes Battle" "Very Hail and Well met" and maybe "arrogant";)) and quite opposed to the normally modest mortal side in many areas.

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Re: The Catholic Church's Super Team-The Virtues


I used the seven deadly sins for the basis of SinSquad International, a supervillain team that made an appearance in my SuperSquad America convention game two years ago.


Incidentally, I always remember the names of the seven deadly sins from a song parody we used in FASS (an annual musical-comedy at the University of Waterloo) 15 years or so ago when Hell was chosen as the theme of the show which was subsequently titled Another Damned FASS Show.


The premise of the song actually came from the piano scene in Big -- except with a much bigger piano that contained a tortured soul in each key who when the key was leapt upon by a demon would sing the note. The song itself is the experienced demon Brutus explaining the concept to new demon Severian.

Dough, Ray, Me

(to the tune of "Doh, Re, Mi")



Let's start with Original Sinning,

The very best place to start.

When we first saw Eden

there were Adam and Eve.

Their first two sins were:



Lust and Greed?



Greed and Lust.

The first two sins are Greed and Lust

Greed and Lust.

Greed Lust Pride Anger Envy Sloth Gluttony




When you know what key it's in,

You can sing each Deadly Sin.




Dough, or cash, the sin of greed,

Ray, a man to lust about,

Me, myself, the sin of pride,

Fu--, an angry word to shout.

So much envy I can see,

Lazy is a word for sloth,

Tea, a drink with gluttony,

And that brings us back to dough, or greed or ...



Note: I wish I could take credit for this song -- but I can't. It was written by one of the other writers.

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Re: The Catholic Church's Super Team-The Virtues


Ok, this team has turned out pretty cool. I have to tell you though, Hermit, that when I first read the title, the sage words of Captain Jack Sparrow came to mind...


You need to find yourself a girl, mate. :D


I'm trying, but putting a bra on my head while tapping away on a computer in a thunderstorm didn't pan out.

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