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 In the time since the Japanese rock-idol group Babymetal hit the Internet, Westerners have probably been wondering what the lyrics really are to "Gimme Chocolate" -- or indeed, whether it has comprehensible lyrics at all. Well, it does, and it's not just about how great chocolate is.


Turns out that, as in the West, many girls in Japan have serious body image issues. They don't understand that a growing girl can be expected to gain weight, so they turn to extreme diets to git rid of their healthy fat. Taken to extremes this can lead to serious health issues and even death. That's what "Gimme Chocolate" is about -- a girl who wants to indulge in a socially healthy diet, but can't because she wants to be thin.


The school system is less than helpful -- the annual ritual of physical measurements of height, weight, and bust size (why on Earth does the school need to know bust size?) can be a source of genuine trauma for girls with a fragile body image, leading many to take truly desperate measures to get "a good result".


Now I'm starting to become alarmed that I see so few heavier women in anime. This scene in Hidamari Sketch humorously illustrates the problem. 


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