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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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Nice. Back in the early 80s Joan Jett made me rethink the whole 'girls have cooties' thing *and* I love her music to boot.  Pretty envious.


Currently on Spotify: 


Crazy on You - Heart. 


But I'm switching to artist radio Joan Jett when it's done.

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I had decided that my weekend project was to take the old turntable out of storage, and see if it still works. It's a Technics SL-1300 turntable from around 1976, and was originally set up in a quad system (though the matrix decoder is now long gone). After fiddling with the grounding cable, and adjusting the speed (servo control with strobe light for adjusting timing), I was ready to play my test disc. It was a used copy of an old pressing of a soundtrack from the early 80s, and had all of the pops, hisses, and crackles that I remember from when I used to buy vinyl as my primary format.


The next disc that I tried was from a set that I had bought a few years ago celebrating the 25th anniversary of Peter Gabriel's So album. It was on 180 gram heavy vinyl (unlike the soundtrack), and played beautifully, though I had to manually place the stylus down on the album. The automatic function would put the stylus on the edge, and it would fall outward--probably something that I can adjust. I'm guessing that it's a difference in how LPs are made now, as the old soundtrack disc had no problem with the automatic play function.


I went on a short trip to Zia Records and picked up a cleaning kit and a copy of ELO's Eldorado on 180 gram vinyl. Once again, I had to manually place the stylus. Sound quality was very good (though the FLAC rip from my CD sounds better to me), and I found that the biggest difference with going back to vinyl was that I was more likely to stay in my chair and actively listen. It's just so easy to hit pause when working with digital formats, but that's not really something that works with a turntable.


I'm not really likely to go out and buy a lot of vinyl, though. Most of what I've got was part of a boxed set, where high-definition formats were also included (So had a voucher for 96kHz/24 bit FLAC files for everything that was on vinyl in the set, for example). But there are occasional special releases that I might be tempted to buy.

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My brother's first finished song from his album. 






As a diehard metalhead who generally doesn't follow southern or country... I have to say that's a really good track.  It's like what you would get if Hootie and the Blowfish decided to not be boring.

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