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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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Franz Liszt's Héroïde funèbre, a tone poem released in 1850 commemorating the horrors of Hungary's failed revolution two years earlier.  Although Liszt was Hungarian, he was rarely in the country as an adult. Most of the time he lived in France or Germany.


The way he described the work in its program indicated that it could be interpreted as commemorating either side, because as a touring musician and composer even he could not afford to tick off the Hapsburg dynasty that rules Austria and Hungary.

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Black Plastic, the 2019 album from virtual band Savlonic (actually the creator of Weebl's Stuff and his wife). It's good techno-funk.


It is a good album, and a decent follow-up to 2016's Neon. neon is when Savlonic stopped sounding like a comedy act and started sounding like an honest-to-goodness band. The lyrics and videos released for Neon suggested the band was going through a bad breakup, which was thankfully not the case. So it's fortunate that Black Plastic is not a continuation of Neon.


I also heard the new single from The Who. For heaven's sake, Pete! If you don't want to tour, don't! 

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A brilliant Edith Piaf cover, from one of those pseudo-reality sining contests. I have no idea who this is.


Among the Youtube followers the performance seems to be a little controversial.


For comaprison, here is Piaf's original recording.


And here is a translation of the lyrics, one of several online.

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