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The Planet Lord

Return Of the Planet Lord

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As the figure in a dark hooded cloak approached the front gates of the palace, the gaurds raised their blaster rifles. "Identify yourself." One of them barked at the stranger. The cloaked man held out his hand, showing them a signet ring. The gaurds lowered their weapons and stood aside as he passed through the gates.


Queen Myrila was started as the hooded figure entered the master chamber. "Who are you? How dare you intrude upon me, the queen of Javaria Prime, at this hour."


The stranger began to laugh. "So, 'Queen Myrila' is it? Had I known you desired such a title, I might have offered you a place at my side. Parhaps this dark treachery of yours would not have been necessary."


Myrila's face turned to alabaster as she gasped. "No, It can't be you."


"Yes my dear, it's me." The figure lowered his hood, revealing his identity...Xonus Torran'Regi, the Planet Lord.


Still in shock, Myrila bleated, "But, Xyphon's device was supposed to cause irreversable memory loss, how can you be back?"


"I'm not entirely certain how my memory was restored," Xonus said, "But I believe I have my daughter to thank for this. She has grown into an extraordinary young lady, considering the fact she was raised by earthers."


Hi guys, I'm back.:cool:

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