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Dr. Anomaly

"Neat" Pictures

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I could have posted these to most threads but chose this one


It started out with making my own heavenly desktop picture (1024x768). I chose a rainbow effect as to me that would be more soothing to look at. I got a bit distracted and ended up mucking about in Photoshop and...well so far never finished the picture. What I did do, is in the following posts, starting off with the original rainbow effect.


A version for most (hopefully all pictures) repoduced here have a transparent background version (I'm posting the jpgs) in pgn24 format and are huge images. They are there if you want them. :)


I hope you enjoy them as much I did creating them. :)



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while posting this I was listening to CCR


This was my attempt to modify a bluish image nd give it an red-evil snake eye look. I think it comes off, what about you?



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Re: "Neat" Pictures


Hmm. Though I like the colors on the earlier ones, Baz, I don't think I could use them as a desktop background, as they started to make my eyes hurt after a moment or two. The "eyes" ones, though, are very nicely done. I'm afraid I wouldn't use them, either, but that's because I'd get creeped out by seeing a large lizard-type eye staring at me out of my monitor...


But it's still nice work, even if it's not something I, personally, would use. :thumbup:

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