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I try to stick to conventional weaponization of toys. C4 is cheaper, and easier to handle and store, than antimatter.

Of course! And you can probably synthesize it. Me, I haven't been in anything like a chemistry lab since 1975.


It is rare, though, to have a toy where you have a legitimate chance of having an acceptably safe use of an antimatter warhead. That's why I commented.

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Make the little man out of antimatter and enclose him in a magnetic bottle and you have the ultimate in terror weapons.


Not hardly. What are the odds of the anti-matter Lego figure coming into contact with a regular Lego figure? Quite remote. And as Star Trek has taught us, only if two identical items (Character A and Character B) made of matter and anti-matter come into contact is there any danger. Otherwise Anti-matter Guy can run around the regular matter universe all he wants with nary a problem.

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