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NASA has been using the Canadian North to develop training regimens for future astronauts to Mars. Portions of the landscapes are very similarly bleak.


Decades ago I used to live and work in Sudbury, the heart of the mining region in northern Ontario. NASA sent their Apollo astronauts into the old strip mines there in the Sixties, to prepare them to walk on the Moon. It was the closest match to the lunar surface they could find on Earth.


Some of us Canadians take a strangely perverse pride in that. :rolleyes:

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Fun fact: those black spots aren't actually black. They're 3000 to 4500 K and a typical sunspot by itself would be brighter than the moon. They only look dark in comparison to the rest of the Sun. They are caused by magnetic flux tubes getting twisted up by the Sun's differential rotation and inhibiting convection in the convection layer.

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