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Think of-- well, I have no idea where you live, other than "Canada," which is pretty vague (you sneaky Canadian devil, you ;) ).  I live in a ---   well, let's say that our big annual event around here is the harvest-related "Onion Festival," and leave it at that.  Don't get me wrong: I grew up more rural than this, but today, this is as close as I can find anywhere in the lower 48.


But imagine a metropolitan area (I've seen them in movies  :lol: )  filled with steps and porches that let directly onto the sidewalk.


Now imagine each of the uprights on those posts being air pumps!  How much more practical would bicycle travel become, instantly?  What effect would it have on traffic, parking, and air quality?



Sadly, we'll likely never know, because if it happened in the western world, they'd be coin operated.  :(




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I suppose you're right. :(  But it could just be a matter of legislating a mandate for them in new construction or renovations, like wheelchair accessibility in public buildings.


BTW I've lived most of my life in metropolitan areas upwards of a million population, and currently abide in the vicinity of the fourth-largest city in North America, so my reference points are mostly very urban. ;)

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