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9 hours ago, Cygnia said:



I don't think I've seen that one before, at least in that format.  That's an infrared image, and at first my guess was Jupiter and its rings.


Finally found it: a groundbased (!!) image of Uranus, 2.2 micron band, from the Keck on Mauna Kea, taken 2004.

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Whenever I see such pictures I can't help wondering about intelligent life on worlds with skies that look like that. What would that do for them imaginatively? How might their religion, philosophy, science differ from our own?


I'm reminded of an alien race from Hero's official universe, the Vayathurans, close to modern Humanity technologically, but well behind in space exploration. Their home world is actually a moon of a gas giant planet, which completely dominates their night sky, blotting out other celestial bodies due to its overwhelming reflected sunlight. Until their first manned orbital space mission the Vayathurans had never seen the stars, and never imagined their existence.

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