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11 hours ago, pinecone said:

I liked it too, except for the massive number of uber powered mary sue characters leven those out and it works just fine. More of a problem with some of the books though.


I left out the superpowered NPCs, and it worked out fine. Fortunately, my players weren't too familiar with the Realms.

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This is a people ferry in Japan.


It's called (named?) Himiko, and I have been lead to believe it was designed by anime giant Leiji Matsumoto, of Space Battleship Yamato fame.


I am telling you that because, if you're like me, it's just frustrating to see something really interesting, without enough context to look further into it.


I am also telling you that it is the most beautiful mixture of retro-future gothic that I have seen since the model for the Cygnus in Disney's "The Black Hole."



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