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* Cancer contemplates an M113 with dozens of chainsaws welded to the outer hull, hedgehog-fashion *




* Cancer extends the speculation into urban areas with large jaywalking populations *



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4 hours ago, Cygnia said:

Summerisle and Muir are there too.  As well as St. Mary Mead.


1 hour ago, tkdguy said:

I found Causton in Midsomer County but not Badger's Drift.


There are Dr Who references apart from Torchwood. There are Quatermass references like Hobbs End.

I can't find Hogwarts but St Trinians and Greyfriars  are there. Of more concern is that Ramsey Campbell's work is also featured around the Severn Valley.

This is really a labour of love as not only are Jane Austin and the Bronte sisters place names represented but also TV shows like Crossroads and Z Cars (Newtown) and Ken Dodd's Jam Butty mines

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Long ago, I had this picture on another computer, but I ended up losing it due to a misfortune. After much searching, I finally relocated this gem by remembering another piece drawn by the same artist and then locating their website via that second piece. Is there any sweeter feeling than rediscovering a work of art you saw once upon a time and whose name escapes you?

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I remember when the prototype of the space shuttle (non-functional) was being taken on a combination test flight/goodwill tour of North America. I saw it in the air over Montreal, mounted on the back of a 747. A lot like that scene from the movie, Superman Returns.

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